Nov. 19, 2016

"Sole Truth, You're Stalking Out Yourself Genocide; It is a Terrible Immersion."


Those are a couple of Tele receives from early today. "Sole truth, you're stalking out yourself genocide; it is a terrible immersion."


Now set to die off a couple of hundred million Americans over the next few years. Nuclear brimstone waste coming in to decimate us.


The silence of the lambs that we have tried nothing to help ourselves even after being made aware that they pushed the button on us all over 5 years ago.


2,000 years warnings to us from the Galactic Federation of Light of the end days. Found in our bibles.


Is there not yet some perception of what the nuclear war fighting industrialists have done here?


Will we not pray that Labor will help us yet and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


"Inside Germany is what you paid for. They're smoothing great falls in."


Will American Labor not get hold of the authority to issue our money and pay for being inside of America rather than inside Germany? Will Labor not put our sacred United States Bill of Rights in again?


Did many of us not come to the new world to be inside the land of the free, America, to get out of the inside of Germany?


"We've set battle stations. We take your rights and put our deaths head in. British roll aids are coming over."


Those reverse speech were from industrialists in Germany. Will American Labor not take the deaths head out? Will American Labor not help us to get the roll aids out and keep them out?


"We screw you dead. From London I'm gonna do a BIG fish," Judee say.


The insurance package is in place, the Russians are working with London to mouse big time in America. With the 5% package to maintain America's corrupt officials, any doubt they may score some real big numbers?


The dissolution of the United States of America. With its guaranteed right to due process of law as the cornerstone of America. The best hope for the human race. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put our rights in again?


Is it not worth it for Labor to try and keep our nation united as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?


"Our mighty wood stopped you minus. We'll rumble for 5 or 6 more shots, then our age is out," Judee say.


Will Labor not help us and cut them off and prevent them from rumbling with their 5 or 6 more shots?


"Your grand jury never caught us so we have to move to put you guys in," Judee say.


Perishing in the hundreds of millions in only a few years. White fish dying off himself and his family. Funding all of the war in our world. Right less now in the land he was born into. Must we not stop funding our die here? Will Labor not put our grand juries in and catch these guys right here?


Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah for what he has done to us, and for what he is doing to us?


"Our cuffs are past for Pittsburgh," Judee say.


"They have no defensible rights." God almighty said.


Do we recall that our good God informed us that Judah has no defensible rights because Pittsburgh attacked us with a thousand nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?


"Jew always force genocide, that's how we hold hell. My function is to humble white people," Judee say.


Will we not take the good advice of our elders from outer space that said, "GET SMART," and STRIKE THEM OUT, and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor?


The angels our good God sent to rescue us from being totally perished by Jewish sports people. The angels saved us. Will Labor not try to help us as we fund stalking ourselves right on out of our nation and our lives?


Germany's nuclear war fighting industrialists are now spreading a foam of nuclear fallout on our nation. Poisoning our fields. Producing MEGA DEATH in our land.


In the name of our good God that gave us the brains to figure it out will we not help ourselves as we are being scientifically pushed out of life?


"I'm the criminal that takes to mountains. We ever seize you for office," Judee say.


They've assassinated our best and most useful public servants. The hard core Judah have already secured themselves into their mountain shelters to carry forward with the mass destruction of the children of God on the surface of planet earth using their dirty bomb shot at Hitachi-GE.


Will American Labor not try to perceive what has happened here and STRIKE THEM OUT to take the concession to issue our money away from Judee and his nuclear war fighting scientific collaborators that are exterminating us?


A nice afternoon in the great outdoors sniffing nuclear waste that is permanently in our air. How might that pretty face look when it realizes how shortened is life then?


The 40 minutes of thinking Judee tells us is all that is needed to figure out what Judee is up to here. Will Labor not give us 40 minutes of your thinking time?


Its GENOCIDE. We're being done in in a well planned, lavishly financed GENOCIDE.


How to convince American Labor that maybe its in its own best interests to end funding our die off?


"Its Jew abusive, they're taking out our management, we tossed you kindless. I shoot you out nuts, that's how I image you," Judee say.


The acid burning hatred that smolders and fumes in the Jewish life form. The animal primitivism that needs to come out of our species to allow us to transition into the high level extraterrestrial Beings that we were created to be 200,000 years ago.


"I have to admit Pat, you're the first white man that I've met that's a gentleman," Judee say.


Bitchie has traveled to 53 countries and met all of our family. Certain that we are all brothers and sisters wherever we are and whatever we do.


He refuses to accept the harm to any of our family anywhere. Are we not perceiving that by not preventing our money from being used to harm our family on this little planet floating out in the stars that Judah defiles and defaces us?


"Dish," Judee calls our world. The petri dish of creation of our universe that we are growing up in. The nursery of the Galactic Federation of Light. God's village we call our home. Planet earth. Will Labor not try to save us?


Is it not important enough to us for us to act to defend our right to stay alive?


"I predict that pura-site with Germany will foam you."


Will American Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can hear the facts about the violent, dangerous false people that have taken over planet earth?


Has the die not been cast? Did Pittsburgh not take its best chance and fail? Has Papa not seen the error of the goose man and let him get thrown?


"We always invest in a phalanx of more idiots. I'm a messiah, I ever get foreigners to put you in with our ricochet disease. My storage weap never fails. I'll do some Albert fisting with the bench and insurance for free," Judee say.


Was Albert fisting with the bench not one of the reasons why the original American revolutionaries tossed old king George out of here?


Will American Labor not give us a RISE FOR FREEDOM, and toss them out of here once again?


"If I have an army I don't need to dodge," Judee say.


As they have already fled into their well prepared mountain shelters, will Labor not end funding Jewish army of Replicons that are occupying all of the offices of our land?


Has our good God not let us see their fiend for what it is?


Their original great force. Their jail houses. Will Labor not let them off right?


Will Labor not accept the gift of our good God to us, to be rid of the Jewish people and their eternal genocide war management upon us wherever they get the grip on the society?


Will American Labor not get their racist prejudice off of this land of the free?


Will we not end being defaced by the sins they commit using our pocket book and our cruelly manipulated poor children to do it?


Will Labor not put some bourse in and end the ghetto system so that Judah has no place to shop for his fist anymore?


As we are burned out of life with Germany's best nuclear brimstone foam from Hitachi-GE is there not some chance in heaven that Labor will step up here and STRIKE THEM OUT?


While pondering about how successful Judah has been in putting so much false into our world that he actually was able to get us to pay for the nuclear bombs and missiles he used to attack us with. How is that for fooling us?


Judah strategy of subjecting us to unremitting mind degrading experiences. How many of us have accepted a free sample of something to eat while in a store?


How many times how we taken the piece of paper plate it was served on and disposed of it in the can marked, "trash?"


Could that be Judee having fun with us? A chance, how ever slight or small, to insult us?


Bitch has been using a photo service to load pictures and then post them. It has advertisements and runs real slow. So it has an option to pay a monthly fee and it has no advertisements then.


He did have the ad free service previously, apparently Bitch credit card was over drawn and the $2.99 monthly payments went past.


Back to the advertisements and the slow load.


Then a new deal was offered to Bitch. 99 cents a month for no adds. Bitch went to sign up for it and it was $14.99 a year, one time payment.


Not to make a big deal out of it, yet $14.99 divided by 12 months, is that not $1.25 a month? Why was it advertised as .99 cents a month?


Might the same thinking be at hand as getting a free sample and the "T" word as part of the deal?


Might this be an instance of part of Judah strategy of subjecting us to mind degrading experiences, however slight and insignificant they seem to be?


Though it may be individually slight, that negative energy that so totally surrounds us in America in so many phases of life. Might the cumulatively discordant signal in so many areas of our daily lives help to explain how Judah has shot us with nuclear weapons and over 5 years later we still do nothing as we are pushed and perished right on out of life? Part of Judah strategy to make those he captures Addle brained?


"Dr. No." do we recall the James Bond novels and movies.


Have we noticed the demand for a response when paying the cashier for our goods asking if we have our "savers card?"


Might that be a way for us that don't choose to play their coupon games to get us to say "NO?"


Very small, yet might we think of how it has added up until we remain frozen as we are died out of life form? Always being compelled to say "NO." Might That be the strategy that Judah has for us to hear our own words say to our ears, "NO?"


Might that little seemingly innocuous thing be part of Judah psychological strategy to mind degrade us?


Either acquiesce to his coupon mind control game plan or be compelled to say the word "NO!"


The clerks who ask the question that compels a response, either "yes" to Judah coupon mind control, or "NO," to those that do not follow his economic game, might we consider that the clerk is innocent and unaware of the deeper level game that is being played by Judah upon Americans?


Will American Labor not put a real coupon plan in for Americans? How about one that takes care of all of God's kids and does not aim to mind degrade us as part of the strategy that Judah wages upon us here of, "Diminish what they are so that you can take what they have?" Do we not recognize Judah intent towards the rest of God's kids?


In the last couple of weeks before the Druid is massively perished out of life form, will we not pray that Labor will take over the concession to issue our money and let the degrader, the war defacer, off of here?


Tele receives:


"This guy's telling us the truth. 1.42 PM


Cash foolish. 1.47 PM


We're gonna die, we're gonna die fish. 1.49 PM


You're dying your sanctum here.


They're inside but they still die us. 2.17 PM


Your brainwash tossed you's. 2.19 PM


How do you let them destroy the world with us in it?


Incredible life forces are real dying the fish.


He conquered dead. 2.41 PM


They just see right false. 2.44 PM


Their life forces evict us.


Dangerous Jewish is rightly dying us off. 2.48 PM


Wiping your fields off for disparage. 2.54 PM


Gerry's out. 2.56 PM




They won, the despot kids, they falsed you's out. 3.02 PM


Mercury fell to false sight rules. 3.03 PM


We died fist Koch. 3.05 PM


O Pat, Judee's taking us all wicked. 2.23 PM


They simply make use of you by GMAC symbol.


Tomorrow is failed.


Sand vipers. 3.19 PM


The professor's not leaving us. 3.27 PM


Jeremy died us happily. 3.29 PM


Its Jew abusive, they're taking out our air.


They use municipals for their war routine. 4.30 PM


Good luck, pull everything. 4.56 PM


Force them out of here. 5.02 PM


Authority is power. 5.50 PM


Dummy. 7.00 PM


They fell centuries ago for terrorism. 7.22 PM


That's it. 7.30 PM


Thank you for freighting us. 8.33 PM


I cannot believe bourse fails entire politicians who steals to app dead. 12.43 AM


Cancel office. 12.44 AM


They tried to steal us genius. 12.48 AM


Sad white are facing quite nauseous. 12.49 AM


They're mostly your quite seriously terrible fist throw. 12.54 AM


Their spiritual thief take out contact here. 12.57 AM


Inside Germany is what you paid for here. 12.59 AM


They're smoothing great falls in.


Their philosophy right false is perishing.


Death valley established. 1.01 AM


Quite public seize them. 1.03 AM




Pat made contact, gave a great sign, and you failed our meaningful contact. 2.10 AM


They embezzled from us. 2.11 AM


The professor closed out the terrorist force and we've done nothing.


Stupid error. 2.14 AM


Your crazy terrorist function is dead. 3.35 AM


Sole truth, you're stalking out yourself genocide. 3.41 AM


It is a terrible immersion. 3.45 AM


The fools falsed us. 7.30 AM


God almighty exhausted them and you've done nothing. 7.42 AM


White's fused. 7.45 AM


Famous coffee. 10.00 AM


Bless you. 10.15 AM


Busted, thrown rightly." 10.17 AM



"Gentlemen right." Tele receive. 6.48 AM


Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and "gentlemen right?"


Are we understanding that we can not take this all out nuclear war upon us that Judah is waging from Hitachi-GE?


Might it be that the thought of nuclear blast war was kept so far out of our minds that nuclear waste war just does not appear in our images of what we are facing here?


That we are being died off massively, do the American people just not believe this to be true? To bee or not to bee?


King Richard III, on the verge of his downfall, had said that "Conscience is but a word that cowards use."


Have we noticed that Bitch does not make an appeal to American Labor's conscience, rather the appeal to act and STOP THE WAR is based upon our own collective self interests to survive these genocidal Jews?


"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR." God our Father said to us for years. Might we note there is no appeal to conscience there?


Do we not see in our own interests not having to suffer any more war?


As we face dying out of life form in an all out nuclear war, is there not some sense that we can make a difference if only we will act and do something to try and save ourselves?


We are set to die out with the third of the human race that Judah is taking out of life form as he goes away from us forever. Never again to return to trouble the children of God with his eternal sport war.


While we can stop Judah in one day with a general STRIKE, nuclear waste is now part of our scene. It will rain on us for years.


Tele receives:


"The fools falsed us. 7.30 AM


God almighty has exhausted them out and you've done nothing. 7.42 AM


White's fused." 7.45 AM



Judah scientists tell him that he has now sealed 80 million Americans to die off from the nuclear waste that he has put into our environment using his nuclear artillery at Hitachi-GE.


"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save himself." Judee say.


Bitch sorry as ever for his disparaging remarks years ago to Labor. Non intentional, due to the stress of facing being murdered every day of his life here, but apparently that hasn't cut any ice with unforgiving Labor yet.


Our doom will be sealed in less than 3 weeks time now. Judah perishing Americans in nuclear war.


Continues at:


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you. The majority won't be around." The angels said.


The children we've had big plans for. How old would they have been in 6 years from now?


Will we not keep praying that Labor does act to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


Why pray? Is it not clear that we are now in the hands of God, we have lost our own lives through our inaction in the face of a nuclear war that has been waged against us for over 5 years now?


The deadliest toxin ever, the first man made element, plutonium, spread worldwide by Judah, is now wasting us out of life.


God and the angels tried to save us but we have ignored the thousands of warnings as we lose our 12 million year life form. 200,000 years as high level intelligence Beings.


The weap of Judah, is that really all the power there is?


American Labor not willing to help the cruelly manipulated poor and so Judah shops them and uses them to deface us.


Its the break off point here Labor. Some of us are set to die off in MEGA DEATH numbers. Others are set to go into the universe in peace. Is it fair to ask, "Which side are you on?"


Is the thought of striking weap Judah and his war crimes cartel racket just too frightening to contemplate?


"There's a war to take you's out. There's nothing that can prevent you's from wasting away. Foolish man." Tele receive. 8.47 AM


If American Labor chooses to fund war and genocide against the children of God on planet earth, in a couple of weeks we will forever be closed out of our life forces for good.


Does it not seem that Labor will try it? The STRIKE that our good God almighty asked about, "Why didn't you try it?" God our precious sweet Father asked American Labor.


We've had some people tell us what is coming in to take us away. Do we remember the commenter that suggested we get tanks of nitrogen gas to take our whole family away together at one time rather than dying off separately over a few years time?


Maybe there are some that think this talk of dying off from nuclear brimstone waste is exaggerated hype this time?


All the plans, the hopes, the dreams. Might they all be washed out in the nuclear war from Hitachi-GE?


Those that have not chosen to demand our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do we recall that Judah tells us he "always pulverizes a chicken?"


The only chance we have is through the love of God for man. We are perishing massively. One way trip to out of existence. Our 200,000 years of high level intelligence factors, washed away in a war that we ourselves are funding.


"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves." God our Father said.


"I tried accomplishing you's with my great balls of fire, I missed, it pushed me out," Judee say.


While attempting to accomplish us with his great balls of fire to extinct us, Judah pushed himself out. Can we not wonder why it has not pulled Labor in?


Elders from outer space have shared with us that "occasionally" a transition of a planet out of war into peace fails.


And what might be the consequences of our funding and holding the Jewish war fail in?


Might our environment not become like the line from Star Trek movie, "The Wrath of Kahn, left stranded on a burned out planet to die?"


"We have Russian defense to now plague you. Booze right our hand. We score outrageous. I'm completely off I died your wit so well. I go back to high school to find something to pull you fantastic. We win with detective war rules. Chi house has almost ended us for our weapons fest," Judee say.


Chi house needs help. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and help Chi house close out the false guys and their weapons fest?


Will Labor not bring the love of our good God in? Is it not clear that Judah is out?


"My mother set you out white man," Judee say.


Is white man not perceiving that it is white mild man that Judah's mother spent the most of her time trying to put out?


Might it be because as the Japanese lady said in reverse speech to the young Jewess, "to the white guy you're rancid?"


The jealousy that drives weap Judah to commit us all to death in an unnecessary nuclear holocaust.


Will mild man not mature to the level to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?


"White man I shot pretty lousy forger," Judee say.


Judah, once he got hold of our paper in 1913. Using a military draft forced the young white guys back to the old world of the other mild man and had us funding and fighting against other white guys.


"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.



"To the white guy you're rancid." A Japanese lady said to a young Jewish woman in reverse speech. She was selling Fukushima as a nice place to vacation. Are we understanding Judah is working every thing to hold us to our burn out?


Might we consider Labor that because of their thrill and excitement beliefs they cling to for harming other high level lifeforms, their own flesh and blood brothers and sisters that were born in this nursery with us 200,000 years ago, that they have totally failed us?


Who would want to reproduce ugly?




adjective, uglier, ugliest.

1. very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance.


2. disagreeable; unpleasant; objectionable: ugly tricks; ugly discords.


3. morally revolting: ugly crime.


4. threatening trouble or danger: ugly symptoms.


5. mean; hostile; quarrelsome: an ugly mood; an ugly frame of mind.


6. (especially of natural phenomena) unpleasant or dangerous: ugly weather; an ugly sea.

Origin of ugly


1200-50; Middle English ugly, uglike < Old Norse uggligr fearful, dreadful, equivalent to ugg(r) fear + -ligr -ly


Might we consider the etymological root of "Ugly," is "fear?"


Judah, the self professed terrorist of our species, is that not the relationship that he has chosen to have with the rest of us, "Fear?"


Is this fasci nation that Judah has created in America not based in force and fear? Did our good God almighty not tell us that it is unsustainable except by force? Yes Father did tell us that.


Did Dr. King not tell us before he was stolen away that America is the greatest purveyor of violence in our world? Yes he did.


Did our good God not also tell us that this proven unsuccessful fasci nation,"IT IS NO MORE?"


Did God not also tell us how to Put ourselves right?




Father has had his angels countering every nuclear missile attack that Judah has attempted to exterminate us with. Angels have pulled out every single missile and warhead. They have nearly exhausted Judah's arsenal he is using for trying to kill us all.


Will Labor not take the tool away that allows Judah to hire the nuclear missile attacks on us, the authority to issue our money?


Will Labor not return to us the best hope for the children of of God on earth, the United States of America on our sacred Bill of Rights?


Who is preferable to determine if we are sane or not, a corporate judge or a jury of our peers?


Have we not seen enough cases of how a claim is made that a person is not mentally competent and their property is then put into the control of corporate servants to 'look out for them?'


Someone plants drugs or a small gun in our cars. Who do we want to determine if we should be put on trial or not, a corporate judge, a prosecutor or a grand jury of our peers?


Is Labor seeing that you can put our rights in if you are the party that issues our money?


The sport of war they play on us. Have we not already had too much? Will Labor not let these vicious relics of the past go?


"Cataster." Tele receive. 11.51 AM


Does Labor not yet perceive the urgent necessity to STOP THE WAR?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us the peace?


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Saturday, November 19


Psalm 130

1 Kings 12:25–13:22; John 16:17–33

When they say to you, “Consult the mediums and the spiritists,” should not a people consult their God?


Isaiah 8:19 (NASB)

Whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.


1 Corinthians 6:17 (NIV)

Lord, we are united with you when we put our full faith in you. Let us not seek guidance from the world around us, but trust you in all that we do. Amen.


Continues at:

Nov. 18, 2016

"Papa saw an error in the goose man and let him get thrown"

That was posted yesterday, a reverse speech from a miner that was on the evening news.

These facial reverse speech come from the subconscious, and the speaker may have never said that in his conscious mind, it is what the subconscious figures out.

Might we ponder the magnificence and glory of Papa in that Judah wasn't thrown by Papa, rather Papa afforded Judah the opportunity to get thrown? Did Papa not let Judah get thrown right?

Did Judah not jump at the chance to get thrown by his own actions?

After being witness to such a wondrous removal of an error, could there be any that would not want to listen to what Father has to say to us? Are there any that might doubt the magnificence, glory, love and wisdom that Papa has to gift us with?

Father has warned us thousands of times for over 5 years to STOP THE WAR. Might we consider the fate of the late, self professed great, weap Judah who was not listening to Papa, and ignored Papa's Ten Rules 3,500 years ago?

Have we not seen first hand how weap Judah has closed himself out of every aspect of human life forever more in time?

"I got some minimum marks for my age of childhood," Judee say.

Might we think of what Budget Judee said of weap Judee, "Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves?"

"Patrick, please don't embarrass us," kind, beautiful elder sister Juliet said to Patrick when he suggested that may have been why the UFO was dropped at Roswell in 1947, the only atomic attack bombing base on planet earth at the time.

"Magnify their imperfections," Juliet revealed was the intent of the Galacticans dropping one of their spacecraft at Roswell in 1947.

The 509th atomic bombing group that had attacked Hiroshima Nagasaki was stationed there.

Now that Sir Casper has burst, burned off or pulled, every single nuclear warhead out of the sky that Judah shot at us, might the magnification of Judah's imperfections not be big enough for us to see yet?

"Roast kidney disease." Is what a congressperson said in reverse speech a couple of years ago that Bitch reported.

Can we only wonder how many of the 200 million Americans that are set to pass out of life in the next few years will be due to eating radioactively contaminated food and getting roast kidney disease?

The pain bump in the middle of the back. Had some nice cheese stuffed foods for dinner last night? Any pains in the back next day? If so, maybe first symptoms of roast kidney disease?

Who ordered the FDA to no longer measure radioactive waste in our milk food products in 2014?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end us flying blind?

Or could it have been radioactive waste in those small, tough, nearly inedible grapefruit found in a bag from Texas?

2 weeks away from being sealed in to perishing in nuclear war. Judah still scoring us with his artillery from Hitachi-GE. Casually shooting us out of life form. Are some of us not happy that Thursday nights now have football for us to enjoy?

Jesus sermon on the mount.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6).

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake (Matthew 5:4-11).

Our bible, our guide to a better life and world, gifted to us from our good God almighty in heaven above.

We didn't have Buddha in the western world much but we did have Jesus to show us the light of love. Will Labor not turn to the love of God for man and try to end our perishing now?

Poisoned now to take us out at the genetic level. Perishing us perfectly with uranium metal.

"We perish you with metal," Judee say.

Chrome nano particles hiding in some of our staple foods. Aimed to give us addle of the brain. Some of our foodstuffs contaminated with chrome that we may not detect until our brains don't work well. Will Labor not act and STRIKE THEM OUT NOW?

1 Then Job answered the LORD and said, 2 "I know that You can do all things, And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.…

The purpose of God has succeeded, do we not see with our own eyes that the error has thrown himself out right? Will American Labor not now complete it?

Must American Labor not De-Auschwitz our land?

They've got Rubles now to sport us with. Will Labor not get us into the banking business?

Have we not heard it said that "politics is too important to leave to politicians?" Have we not had more than enough good demonstrations to prove that banking is much too important to leave to bankers?

Their burlesque routine they clown us with. Does American Labor not see how clearly they are done out of here now?

Must Labor not put ourselves into the drivers seat NOW?

The authority to issue our money. Will we not take it into the hands of Labor and try to save ourselves now?

"I always set you's in your tombs like does."

Has Judee got us like a Deer caught in headlights? Will Labor not "Get Smart" and take our state away from them?

"Psyche force world." Tele receive. 7.42 AM

Woman punched by Flagstaff officer: 'No regard for another human'
12 News , KPNX 7:58 PM. MST November 17, 2016
“Aggressive. Rude. Totally and completely disrespectful. No regard for another human," said Morris, describing the officers behavior and what those moments now mean to her.

“Dragging your feet and flinging your arms—that’s what I saw," said Loretta Lee. "[It] took three [officers] to get her to the car. Now if that’s not resisting arrest, I don’t know what is.”
Chief Treadway identified Jeff Bonar as the officer involved in the video. He has been with the department for less than three years.

Bitch looked at the video a few times and read reverse speech of several of the speakers.


REVERSE SPEECH: Woman punched by Flagstaff officer: 'No regard for another human'

"The sheriffs....



Those were all media people speaking.

Next is the police chief speaking in reverse speech:




As to apple, do we recall that Steve Jobs who started apple died of pancreatic cancer? Old basalt?

"Apple" has appeared in reverse speech in many opps that have been identified as Jewish terrorist opps. Are we understanding that homicide is an investment model for Judah and his Euro sport teams?

Do we notice....


Do the American people perceive that British military forces are staffing many local lock ups? If so do we understand that they are subordinated and fully aligned with the Jewish investment policy of genocide?

Have we already not made ourselves aware that 20% of the Druid people are working with Judah in the commission of atrocities for profit against the rest of us?

Here next is what the officer that punched Marrissa in the face said in reverse speech to her:

"The ....

Might we perceive this attack upon Marrissa to kidnap her was all preplanned to collect insurance by dying Marrissa out of life?

Might Germany's nuclear war fighting business community have already wired up the cage to give Marrissa some time in X-rays to speed her die with cancer in a few months from now? Or might the chef have had some delightful meals ready to feed to Marrissa?

Or maybe it was planned for Marrissa to get medical treatment in the lock up and hold her for an injection?

The chief said.


Might the officer's report that Marrissa kicked him as to why he punched her in the face be the identifiable aspect of the ".....?"

Next are some reverse speech from the victim, Marrissa Morris.


The first statement in RS was right after officer Bonar punched Marrissa in the face.


Might we wonder that at the subconscious level did Marrissa sense that her kidnapping involved .....?

Are we aware that ..... directs much of the corrupt court procedures in our world? Might they have directed that arrest of her for an investment insurance collection package?

Might we only wonder how many little jobs Marrissa may have had over the last few years?

If each employer has a $250,000 dollars insurance package on her might there not be a million or more dollars waiting to be collected upon her die?

Could that have anything to do with why the officer was insistent upon arresting her? Maybe a big cash bonus to help catch her?

Next Marrissa said:


Are we aware that to racial the people is Judah strategy that he has put into America, using the purse to hire his officers to implement his prejudiced policies to incite racial animus?

Again, the chief with his perception about America: "...

Might he and his team mates not congratulate themselves for how they have contributed to the fall down of the best deal ever for the human race on earth, the United States of America on its Bill of rights?

Next Marrissa said in RS:



"....." Might Labor not perceive that as truth? Is Bitch not truly for all of God's kids on earth here? Yes he is.

Did Father not say of Bitch, "He remained true to me?"

While we might look at the officer that hit Marrissa in the face to facilitate his kidnapping of her, might we not do better to look at the investment strategy that rewards such errant and wrongful behavior?

The cash bonuses and pension perks that are for the police that do the kidnappings. The 4% the jailers get for doing the hold to die operation.

Will Labor not help us to effectively bring forth a new model for the insurance industry to follow? Will American Labor not put Lucifer and Satan out of the banking and insurance industries? Will Labor not get the foreign military troops out?

Might Labor accept a truth that came from the unconscious of Marrissa to us: "....?"

Bitch did legal research for Harold the Good for several years before Harold was stolen away in 1987. Did it all for free. Why?

Because Harold was serving all of the rest of us.

Harold's security came from 12th and state.The Chicago Police Department.

Are we understanding where Judah organizations stand with us?

The people of the city elect a good man to serve us and did some employees on the public dole join in with a foreign power to assassinate him?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end Judah playing their games with us?

"I'm completely off I died your wit so well," Judee say.

From reverse speech yesterday from international news, learned that the palace now has rubles to sport us to.

There are Russian police and military in America now doing sport opps with Judah and his Replicons.

Will Labor not forgive Bitch insult, STRIKE THEM OUT and get the foreign troops out?

Did Marrissa not share the truth when she said in reverse speech, ".....?"

As one last note to the story of Officer Bonar who struck a blow for investments, might we think about the knowledge in his subconscious that the ......?

"......" He said as he was trying to make his grab.

Will Labor not revive the Martian rescue of us and put sane in here? As we are being perped out of life, will Labor not close the investment strategy of genocide out?

NOTE: Elders mentioned years ago to be careful with using reverse speech. At Simple site it can be erased. Once posted at APFN, it is permanent. So that is why there is a link to Simple site and why it is not posted at APFN.

"You got a scrimmage app right here."

Bitch is not looking to do scrimmage. Might it be appreciated why the reverse speech is not permanently posted?

Here again is the link to the reverse speech at:

REVERSE SPEECH: Woman punched by Flagstaff officer: 'No regard for another human'

Thank you.

"Since Judee New Hampshire I'm out full time. I just anesthetize you right. If I position you right you die. We just have some rich arrangements we put in. Our cruelty fund, Maxwell is chiefus, it keeps us all on line.

We hopefully will push the Martian totally over here. We bust your way with a chef. Rights go off all federal. We shot you right so its a permanent Jew in. Before we leave this place we're taking you totally.

We score you foolish ways with the Moslem. I raise terrorism up to bust your head and roll you into a tomb. It was our right to use pura-checks to put you down. The Irish Jewish harp port us away because of our slay.

Kidneys sport you Jewable. Patrick's face stumbled our racist and took away our zeke power. I just have to cash you lunatic, might site score your air. You're a bunch of ------, I made you die for me.

I'm jumbo feared with my king fight. We're prejudiced and wild, glad to have met you, we're out of here. Jew always has an effort to be stupid. H----- does not feel our child power is right.

Money shot you, his mother sees it well and reports it here. Dangerous with atomic subs, I rolled you right. I deputize to hold my sin. I use Loomis violence for my death threat force.

I foolish your income. I'd like to finish perping you but I have to go away. Jew always sets you out terroristco. Its our visuals that let us sin. We avenge you right sad.

The merchant use the best wrench to close all monkeys. Because I insect you I have to leave me permit. I'm now open to auto check see breeze. My whole strategy is to leave your real estate with a problem.

Since Roman times my course you did not see. Our vitamins assault you from New England. Sex has allowed me to tumor you full," Judee say.

Has Judah not demonstrated his psychological power over the mass of us? That Judah pushed the button and we have known about it for over 5 years now, and done nothing about it, is that not some degree of exceptional power that he has shown to hold us to his war disease?

Once Labor removes the concession to issue our money might our bright ones not step up here to help us then? Sure.

Will we not free them from Judah prison houses to live in peace with the rest of God's kids?

Must American Labor not STOP THE WAR?

"Psychological is still doable, your falsers have fouled you past. Your state is on British soil to maximize their benefits."

Thank you Sir Jason for that telepathic message today.

"Genocide is fielded, its past your due date. You're fielded for luncheon zoo. Your source is being wiped off clear."

Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.

Our family from outer space that Father sent to spare us from dying in a nuclear war, is still here with us.

Had a lot of cheese last night. Woke up today with kidney pains in the back. The beginnings of roast kidney disease?

200 million right less American Druids set to die out of life form in only the next few years now.

"Judah now has cleared the STRIKE forces, you're now totally boursive." Tele receive. 10.54 AM

Will we not pray that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and put the totally boursive authority to issue our money into the hands of Labor?

Might they not start war at leisure now?

The worst thing to befall any country, WAR. Will Labor not step in to stop it? If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Continues at:

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Some more Judee reverse speech:

"I hear you booing Jewish fist. I child I just false to issue a summons. Its Falllujah full I'm putting you into here because there is no grand jury. We just push berries. Gentlemen we sup right through.

Benjamin algebra is boom-a-tics. Great arrestable we molest Mormon, now you see. Jew fall, Papa pump us away. It was a thrill to bore your heads and ever die you.

Bitch revealed us and I accomplished you's. We're going away, I lost my police power. I'm a police department badge, I don't have to embellish; I occupy and fall a state.

Sex I hold you, that's my strategy. I like to roll oxygen in my clear time. My toe power is HUGE. My legendary course fall you in. We just fall you out with narrow straits. We got the French army going to go strait in.

I assault and cap well. I'm faded. We just have a way to get attorneys to go. Stupid found us and cured me. 30 minutes is all I got to false em to keep me in and put you out. The bus STRIKE failed because of Jewish threats," Judee say.

Will we not pray that the bus STRIKE comes in and does not let Jewish threats hold us out of our world at peace?

Might it not help if the pilots think about the explosion in the AA plane on the ground last week. Might it not be good to have the concession to issue our money out of Judah hands so that there is no more hiring of charges to be put into the engines of our planes?

"We just have a way to get attorneys to go."

Might we think of the history of Jack Ruby before he left Chicago and his involvement in the slaying of the president of the waste haulers union? Do we recall that he was a lawyer?

Does Labor in particular not see how important it is to get the Jewish terrorism out of what is left of our state?

Bitch also found some reverse speech indicating that a professional opinion gave that Judah has died 80 million Americans with his brimstone nuclear waste already.

That is the number that are expected to die off from radioactive waste in our environment over the next few years.

For those that wish to survive this mass die off will we not pray to our good God almighty to protect us as Judah goes away from us now?

For the bus drivers that Judah threatened with his 30 minute false, will we not all get together, let the fear go, put faith in our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will Labor not have the 30 minute break through, take over the concession to issue our money and let them off right? Thank you.

Just finished watching the news, local and international.

The international scene indicates that London has made arrangements with Russia to opp here in America for insurance deals. Might that connect the punch in the face to facilitate Marrissa Morris being arrested?

Here's the reverse speech from international news:

"London with Soviet is now insured."
A fellow is scheduled to be executed in Texas.

Judge rules Battaglia mentally fit to be put to death for killing daughters

Claire Ballor Sarah Mervosh

A Dallas County judge ruled Friday that death row inmate John Battaglia is mentally fit to be executed for killing his two daughters.

In 2001, Battaglia made national headlines when he murdered his daughters, 9-year-old Faith and 6-year-old Liberty. He shot them inside his Deep Ellum loft while their mother listened helplessly on the phone.

"No, Daddy! Don't do it!" Faith pleaded, seconds before he pulled the trigger.

With what we know now, any chance it was fungus in the head that drove the tragic situation that day over 15 years ago?

If Texas goes ahead with John's execution, might we never know what caused him to do what he did?

Not be lawyering here, but do we recall that in American law juries not judges determine if a person is sane or not?

Will American Labor not take over the issue of money so that we can have the facts given to us from our grand juries that we hire to investigate official corruption for us?

Elder also said a few words to Bitch this afternoon.

"Wiping your fields off for disparage." 2.54 PM

Could that be due to Bitch insult? The disparaging of you's years ago, is that the reason our fields are being wiped off?

Will we not pray that that stupid mistake is healed and that Labor will forgive, come in and give us a STRIKE to take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"Authority is power." Tele receive. 5.50 PM

Might we think that Judah holds the greatest power of them all, the authority to issue our money, and he has never had to face a democratic contest as to whether or not he should hold it?

Will American Labor not please give us a vote on whether or not Judah should privately continue to hold the authority to issue our money by STRIKING THEM OUT? Thank you.

Friday, November 18 —
Psalm 129 1 Kings 11:26–12:24; John 16:5–16 O Lord, I am oppressed; be my security!

Isaiah 38:14 The Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words.

Romans 8:26 Though things in our lives may sometimes be uncertain, help us to keep our hearts and minds focused on you, Holy Spirit. Be our guide this day as we face whatever comes our way. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Continues at:

Nov. 17, 2016

More Great Balls of Fire Burned Off Up Above Our Head?


Just posted at APFN a couple of stories with links to new videos from Latest UFO Reports. Here is a picture of some burning great balls of fire over Jacksonvile, Florida:


And here is a picture of a great ball of fire burning over Lima, Peru:


The video of the fire ball over Lima has been removed. Here is an anonymous comment concerning the missing video:


anonymous // November 16, 2016 at 3:06 am // Reply

everytime i see this window telling us vid has been removed by user, it can only mean that it is either fake or they debunked it.


Here is Bitch response to the missing video of the fireball over Lima and the comment by anonymous;




Pat Sullivan // November 17, 2016 at 10:48 am // Reply


Rather than the video being fake or debunked, might it have been much too obvious that it showed a nuclear warhead in a controlled burn off?


Might the clear video of the warhead in a controlled burn off not help us to perceive that we have been attacked worldwide by the bankers, who are still using their vast arsenal of nuclear weapons in continuing attempts to carry forward their plans to extinct us with them?


Might we not perceive that our extraterrestrial family that Father sent in to spare us, has either burst the warheads off quickly, burned them off slowly as in this instance over Peru, or pulled them right on out of the sky to spare us from dying out in the well planned nuclear war the bankers bought to put us all in?


Rather than the video being pulled for being debunked or fake, might it have been too obvious it was a nuclear warhead burning, as the real reason the video has been removed?


Might seeing the burning warhead have brought some of us to connect the dots and then perceive that we have been attacked with nuclear weapons by the bankers to do us genocide?


Might we not figure that nuclear waste is their back up shot to die us in MEGA DEATH numbers if they fail to get us with their great balls of fire?


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and handle the issue of our money from now on?


By using our money for buying over 150,000 atomic bombs have they not proven themselves all together much too faulty? Too dangerous?


Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR and introduce sanity into our banker war torn world?


Might we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for sending His angels in to spare us from nuclear annihilation?


Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take our state concession to issue our money away from them? Thank you.


As to the commenter "anonymous," did we note how there were only 2 choices about the missing video, 'faked or debunked' according to anonymous?


"It can only mean that it is either fake or they debunked it."


Does that comment not sound as if it was designed to limit the dialog concerning the possibilities of what we may be looking at?


Why no third choice such as, "it may be areal UFO and they took it down because some viewers might get a clue?"


Have we not talked about how Judee has his kids posting at UFO sites to false what is going on in our world? Yes we have.


Have we noticed that Judee is posting his false, his spin, at most every site on the net, with particular emphasis on keeping us in the dark about the love of God for us all?


Are we making the connection with UFOs and God almighty our creator in heaven?


The angels, might we not perceive them as extraterrestrials now? If so might we make the connection with angels from biblical days until now that in reality are extraterrestrials that have been beside us throughout all of our time as high level created life forms?


Our good God above, will we not try to perceive that God our good Father loves us all? If we can perceive the love of God for us all can we not perceive the profound false and wrong of war?


The harming and killing of our brothers and sisters that we have shared the same life form with for 12 million years now.


Can we not see the wrong in harming and killing our family?


Our material science capable now of feeding, housing and clothing everyone one of us on earth and providing bountiful lives for all of us. Wasted in sport war.


Welcomed into the universe by our extraterrestrial family that wants us to come up and journey the universe and live together with them in peace.


Less than 3 weeks left before we face being permanently sealed in to a slow dying out of the majority of Americans in only a few years.


Is there not yet some way to convince Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT to take the concession to issue out money away from them and STOP THE WAR?


"When I weap you armament I'm enthralled. We've got a lot of new chemical instruments to take them away. We feeble rights. I always set you's in your tombs like does. Patrick Sullivan is throwing us out. Our courage is setting you up," Judee.


Enthrall 1. to captivate or charm: 2. to put or hold in slavery; subjugate.


Might we consider that is the purpose of Judah weaping war, to subjugate and hold us in slavery? Will Labor not end funding Judah armament? To give us a chance to survive the many harms we are facing will American Labor not STOP THE WAR?


Tele receives:


"The sales burned us all up. 9.28 AM


Tear. 9.30 AM


Fantastic, he's thrown this fistic out of here. 1.07 Am


Appreciate failed. 1.16 PM


The coast to America is flanged. 1.53 PM


Thoroughly bed bugs, you failed to save yourselves. 2.11 PM


You're mergerin rightful. 2.52 PM


The dog is a hydrous function. 2.55 PM


You are heavy rused, they are heavy rused. 3.26 PM


RISE UP your fail. 4.42 PM


I'm riserous. 4.51 PM


Toss them out Patrick, they're criminals. 5.29 PM


They're smashing wholesale. 5.30 PM


Grasshopper hurt your deal. 6.45 PM


Patrick, you have the genocide. 6.53 PM


We completely lost you to molest, they're forcing you out failed, your life forces lost. 6.56 PM


The strangest field is in their chambers.


We had a smart deal but Jew dead it. 7.48 PM


Nice boy skeeked it. 7.49 PM


Stable rite field is lost. 7.51 PM


Miracle jail receipts keep us frozen. 11.24 PM


They're scourging us off of this field.


They're scoring missiles. 11.25 PM


They ever sin wonderful.


Its badge industries, lets pull them out of here.


False disables. 11.38 PM


4 speed didn't do well in weaper state. 11.40 PM


Toasting you. 12.13 AM


Its a rough toss, you're scrimmage. 12.49 AM


They're throwing you casually false. 1.00 AM


Right furin out the minnow. 1.08 PM


Jewish site has fallen, they've pushed the button and you've done nothing.


They've lost their foulest reach for battery. 1.12 AM


They push us great.


Ever they make us usable right. 1.14 AM


They can't continue falsing them out, the air is fumbled. 1.58 AM


The London palace suicided us. 1.59 AM


Mercury rising us all fish. 2.05 AM


Because of pizza lets rock them here.


We failed to save ourselves. 2.09 AM


Ein zwei is criminally, professor sees the full financial of everything. 2.10 AM


They just shoot us all out of Washington. 2.11 AM


STRIKE THEM OUT for their shafting us. 2.12 AM


Stupid failed air sources.


Their psychologist core rates you.


They're vegetable parson here. 2.15 AM


The tyranny hustled. 2.19 AM


Cuts failed oxygen to death. 2.21 AM


They shot this field, they serious cuffed you. 2.23 AM


You're in charge of getting all false out please. 4.30 AM


Shanty bored them 4.40 AM


Foolish. 4.42 AM


Destruction of fields, they're dying us bad. 5.05 AM


Kintastic. 5.41 AM


You're dying freezed. 5.43 AM


Grinchable. 5.44 AM




When you false out yourself you suffer HUGE. 6.44 AM


Nice donnybrook. 7.03 AM


Shame us fair. 7.05 AM


Love you." 7.35 AM



"We just do video to dolt," Judee say.


Has Judah not demonstrated some force with his shame and embarrassment weap? Will we not pray that it does not hold us in to die ourselves off?


"He remained true to me." Father said about Bitch.


The over riding need to target and destroy America. Might it have been to prevent the spread of freedom among our family in Europe?


Might true freedom in a nation as wealthy and powerful as America have been too powerful of a demonstration of the benefits of freedom to the old criminal autocracies of Europe?


Might it has shown an example to our family in Europe what a wonderful world it can be if the people are truly free?


Might we consider that the original crafters of the American constitution in 1789 did not want a bill of rights in the constitution, and only added it as the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution because the state delegates were adamant that there be a Bill of Rights in or there would be no deal at all?


Original drafters didn't want a bill of rights in the American constitution from the beginning, and their descendants spent the next couple of centuries whittling it down and finally throwing it away.


Some researchers claim that possibly as many as 41 of the 55 drafters of the United States Constitution were slave owners. Might their outright rejection of a bill of rights have something to do with how they earned their income?


Notice the noose around the Cormorant birds neck? Could there be something in that picture that might reveal to us the relationship that we used to have with Judah?


Might Judah reason for noosing us be to put into our subconscious to make sure we don't eat any big fish ourselves and instead we cough them up to master?


Bitch say, "relationship we used to have with Judah, " for are we all on the same page, ever since Judah got caught red handed shooting us with his great balls of fire, the relationship is now ended?


If we understand this must we not try to get the goose noose off of our necks?


Thinking about the peace brothers that were tortured in Alcatraz and sent on to Leavenworth because they would not serve in Judah sport war in 1918. The Hofer bothers. Joseph and Michael.


Joseph and Michael Hofer, Hutterite brothers from South Dakota, were conscientious objectors to the military draft established by the Selective Service Act of 1917.


They and two other men from their Hutterite colony were court-martialed and sentenced to twenty years in Alcatraz for refusal to comply with orders.


Joseph and Michael died after transfer to the prison at Fort Leavenworth. Ultimately these events contributed to the emigration of Hutterites to Canada in 1918 and in subsequent years.


Consigned to solitary cells, known as “the hole,” they received only bread and water for days at a time; they were also subjected to a torture technique known as “high cuffing,” in which they were forced to stand at their cell doors, their chained hands drawn up tight and their feet barely able to touch the floor.


God Bless America,

Land that I love.

Stand beside her, and guide her

Thru the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies,

To the oceans, white with foam

God bless America, My home sweet home.


Will Labor not see God's light from above and close out their foreign old style tyranny right?


Will American Labor not awaken and put in our American Bill of Rights?


Do we recall that for one brief shining moment in our history, when a Missouri Jury freed a simple working man from the chains and whips of his master?


What about the question often asked concerning the two sides of the production issue, "which side are you on?"


The constant use of violence by master to hold Labor in. Will Labor not give us now our world where men and women of Labor are truly free to produce the things we need?


Virtual war, 24/7 around our world. American Labor now funding all of it. Will American Labor not stand beside America and guide her out of this night of eternal Jewish sport war? Must American Labor not stop funding war?


Might the torture of the Hofer brothers have been aimed to condition Americans unconscious to not actively interfere with the draft or oppose Jewish sport war?


After a century of sport war so much poverty now in America, might that be why they no longer even need a physical draft, their Jewish tight economics have now put in an economic destitution model of a draft?


"A hero is a true set," Judee say.


Might Joseph and Michael Hofer have been true American heroes and so were a true set for weap Judah?


The rules gifted to us from 3,500 years ago. "Thou shalt not kill." Will American Labor not reacquaint us with the love of our good God and STOP THE WAR?


A poisoned out world that the majority of Americans will die out in over the next few years or a world of peace and plenty for us all. Is Labor perceiving that it is the ordinary men and women of Labor that will make the decision for us here?


"Our courage is setting you up."


Will Labor not take our free money purse away so that Judah will have to get his courage up some other way than setting us up?


"We arse people right, that's why we're falling. British amplitude on rights always gets them to fall down. On voltage I'm doing some hostile fields, next is my colonels. I'm taking out your rations with falseness disease," Judee say.


Are we getting it yet, Judah is poisoning our entire north American food supply at the prime producer level, our fields?


"All Jews are established out, its basically done tuna fishing." 9.47 AM


A die off of a third of the human race. Now set to happen over the next few years.


"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels said.


2,000 years warning in our bibles. Brimstone Jewish electricity waste now in our air. Is it not perceived that they have cast themselves out of here because they asserted their right to kill us in the face of the love of our good God for us?


"Booze and o------- falsed the men here. I falsed a sale, I got Druid choking. Bush is in the senate to push you in. War and corrupt mise you well. Our popular was to fall you with a Dutch house. I used a 6 pack to do him. With Walton, amateur peace power failed. We used a bible to core well. We have to hold out until April for right fist," Judee say


While watching a story on international news from one of the many war zones that America is fisting for Judah, there was a story about an attack that left several people dead.


A car that was full of bullet holes was the focus of the video. It went by so quick, Bitch missed what country it was, though it looked as if it where in the war torn Middle East somewhere.


Here is what one of the government spokespersons said in reverse speech:


"Some Europe evil we hired so we cored some dead."


The last fist for Judah on planet earth, the fist Judah claims that he has had it for so long that it is almost a part of his biology.


Judees anatomically correct white fist. Will Labor not help us here? Will Labor not get hold of our purse and bourse our youngsters into peace?


"Jew age exhaust your freedom-ship," Judee say.


Two centuries to wipe out the legal basis of the United States of America. To return Americans to being right less.


Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and issue our own emancipation proclamation? Will Labor not take us off of this course of ultimate extinction?




After the qualified Union victory in the Battle of Antietam, Lincoln issued a preliminary proclamation warning that in all states still in rebellion on January 1, 1863, he would declare their slaves “then, thenceforward, and forever free.”


January 1, 1863 came, and with it the final proclamation, which committed the government and armed forces of the United States to liberate the slaves in rebel states “as an act of justice, warranted by the Constitution, upon military necessity.”


Continues at:


It became a war for “a new birth of freedom,” as Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg Address, a war that would transform Southern society by destroying its basic institution.


By December 18, 1865, the requisite three-quarters of the states had ratified the Thirteenth Amendment, which ensured that forever after “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude … shall exist within the United States.”


Might we not consider the facts as they stand today, what with more Americans in slavery today than during the civil war, has making war from 1861 until 1865 and forcing Americans to fight it not proven to be an absolute failure as a way to free people?


Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that as of January 1, 1863, all slaves in the rebellious states “shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.”


Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put a real system of freedom in, one that does not need millions of new slaves in privatized prison systems as a way to live?


Lincoln acting to lock up those that opposed his war.


No careful work on the numbers of civilians arrested by military authorities or for reasons of state has ever been done by a historian, and those historians who have attempted an estimate previously have been writing with the goal of defending Lincoln in mind.


Even so, the lowest estimate is 13,535 arrests from February 15, 1862, to the end of the war.


At least 866 others occurred from the beginning of the war until February 15, 1862.


Therefore, at least 14,401 civilians were arrested by the Lincoln administration.


If one takes the population of the North during the Civil War as 22.5 million (using the 1860 census and counting West Virginia but not Nevada), then one person out of every 1,563 in the North was arrested during the Civil War


Will Labor not put our Bill of Rights in so that we can deal in public and open forums? Will Labor not take the dictatorial power away from clerks and give these powers to juries and grand juries of the people?


From the State Department's record of "Suspicious and Disloyal Persons," from dozens of lists of inmates in federal prisons (the notorious "Bastilles of the North"),


Sewards Little Bell — and Its Victims

"THE LITTLE BELL," 1861–65.


"My Lord, I can touch a bell on my right hand, and order the arrest of a citizen of Ohio; I can touch a bell again, and order the imprisonment of a citizen of New York; and no power on earth, except that of the President, can release them.


Can the Queen of England do so much?"


Secretary Seward to Lord Lyons Courtesy of the Louis A. Warren Lincoln Library and Museum


Might we see the true law that is in place when the people are held in conditions called wartime necessity to purportedly provide security for us?


Ring a bell and arrest anybody in any state. Are we understanding that by not taking our concession to issue our money away from them allows them to do such wrongful acts to those that want peace instead of war?


"With a general arrangement we shot the people smooth. When I put you inside I always have a Mormon port you tough," Judee say.


The jury panel that freed the enslaved man Dred Scott in 1854 did not hold, the supreme clerks gave their opinion, re-enslaved him and set the stage for Lincoln to come in and shoot his Jewish, German American civil war.


The use of his cages then. Do we see it is his cages that has been at the root of the great force of Jewish?


"Iowa has always been true purple, that's how I got you off. I truly fell a hunk," Judee say.


Might we note from yesterday's post how from the beginning Iowa was set to use clerks to put people in without juries or grand juries claiming that was because it was only for 30 days?


The judges in England that sat on the benches with sheets over their heads. Do we recall our ancestors made deals that ended their authority to take life, liberty or property with out a trial first by a jury of ones own peers?


It was Called the Magna Carta. The Great Charter. Might we recognize it today as a basis that helped shape our American Bill of Rights?


Will American Labor not reintroduce us to the spirit of our brave ancestors who made a path to liberty and justice for all of us in 1215 AD?


"I shoot you right for my petty-full head," Judee say.


"This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out, they're criminals." God almighty of heaven and earth said.


Will Labor not let the petty full head off right?


Will Labor not bring the love and kindness of our good God above in? Will Labor not try the STRIKE to get the concession to issue our money away from them and into the hands of Labor?


"I chased you in a dungeon so now I'm washed out. My estimates are quite over here," Judee say.


"You're advancing a great force of miracles." Tele receive. 11.40 AM


Will American Labor not give us the miracle of world peace?


The petty full head that keeps shooting Bitch to keep Labor from acting for good. Might Labor not keep in mind what elder from Mercury said, "Minutiae" is all that Judah petty head is shooting at Bitch?


"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Our good God almighty of heaven and earth said.


"I gave you the peace must you fail?" Father asked us. What will it be here Labor? A couple of more weeks of war and genocide might we just not survive?


"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked about the STRIKE that His angels advised us well to do to take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands.


"I would have given you anything." Father said.


95% of the right less white force set now to go out of life form.


The claim that Judah makes that they have a natural right to assault us. Will Labor not take away the free money they use to do exactly that to end funding such insanity?


The understanding is that in less than 3 weeks is the final decision point. If American Labor funds war after that, we may be left to our own devices then. Do we understand that we have been set for a mass, indiscriminate depopulation that may lead to the majority of Americans losing our life forms?


"I want to save your lives." Precious sweet Father said to us all. Will Labor not do your part to let our good God come in to save our lives?


Easy to have abundance for all with the advanced technology of life in operation. Judah has blocked it for ever. The only high tech Judah uses our money for is his high tech weap shed research.


Will Labor not get hold of the concession to issue our money so that we have one chance to try and survive the mass die off that Judah has put on us here?


8 centuries ago on the plains of Runnymede, England the Magna Carta was signed by the Barons and king John. Guaranteeing trial by a jury by ones peers before life, liberty or property could be taken away.


The right to trial by jury was not given easily. The English Barons informed king John he would agree and if not, then they would put their civil rights to the test of swords.


Here today 8 centuries later, and nothing that calls upon any overt physical force at all to get our civil rights in.


Might we consider that taking the concession to issue our money into the hands of a democratically elected group from Labor has all the hazards involved of moving the checkbook to a new desk?


Are we perceiving Labor that we are these higher level Beings that were created by our good God above to live in peace with each other?


"I want you to be comfortable. My kids, treat them super nice." Sweet Papa said.


Will Labor not bring us into Father's world where we can live together in honor, respect, dignity, love and peace?


Our $100 trillion dollar economy in about 4 years after we get the peace. Will Labor not bring it in for us please?


No more environmental damage. Clean technologies to produce all that we need or want. Peace in our war fatigued world after thousands of years. A new start, a second chance. Will American Labor not give it to us?


Father is with us Labor. Will we not pray to Father to guide us into our new world of peace?


Papa will get us there Labor, but you got to help. We need you to STRIKE THEM OUT until a committee of the whole from Labor has the concession to issue our money in your hands.


Judah and his bus, they spend their time shooting us. Will we not keep praying that Labor will close them out right?


If so will we keep in mind the right way to close them out right is to STRIKE THEM OUT?


Please have your 160 members for the first committee of the whole from Labor ready to help us, STRIKE THEM OUT and put them in. Thank you.


God bless you, God bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Thursday, November 17 —

Psalm 128

1 Kings 11:1–25; John 15:18–16:4

Behold, to the Lord your God belong heaven and the highest heavens, the earth and all that is in it.


Deuteronomy 10:14 (NASB)

Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made.


Romans 1:20

Lord, you can be seen in all of your creation. Help us to recognize you in all that we see and to hold your creation close to our hearts. Amen.


A coal miner Bitch saw on the evening news said this is reverse speech:


"Papa saw an error in the goose man and let him get thrown"


In one sentence is that not just about exactly what we have been witness to?


Did the errorous goose man not get thrown right?


How much more right could it get than Judah threw himself off by attacking us all out with his great balls of fire to take us all away in the middle of the night?


Here is a reverse speech from a German government official that Bitch read on international news:


"We're going to take your marrow out with your state."


Are Americans aware of how deadly we have been set to die off in the hundreds of millions right here in the good old US of A?


"For stepping up my Jew we rate you accomplice. You lost your fate. White people have largely been wiped out for offense," Judee say.


The war in our world that we are funding for Judah sport. Do we see that Judah rates us accomplice?


Will we not keep praying that Labor focuses on trying to save us from the fate that Judah has set for us?


The last messages are from our extraterrestrial rescuers, Sir Jason and Sir Morris:


"Breeze has got your bakery closed here. You remain into the past. You're all cycled out, Patrick wants desperately to help you win in the end."


Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.


"Save yourselves, coming out reveals you're sanctious. You're closing up completely."


Thank you Sir Morris for that message today.


Are we understanding that due funding war and also our failure to STOP THE WAR now that we have been made aware that it is false, that we may sanctious?


Jewish rates us accomplice in his sport war and genocide against our family both here at home and abroad.


We are set for a tragedy the like of which our family on earth has never endured previously in all our history. A third of the entire human race face dying off in only the next few years.


The majority of Americans dying out sickened by Jewish nuclear waste toxins. Bitch is praying night and day that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR.


Will others not join in praying for Labor to help us? Thank you.


Continues at:;view=fulltext

Nov. 16, 2016

"Typhus Officials Buried Us With Threats"


Might that be how our world has been shaped, threats with guns and prison bars to back them up? Is that not what the evidence shows? Regrettably, yes.


"I'm completely out," Judee say.


Numerous attempts to phase us extinction. The problem that Judah has and his solution to it, to die us all off. Might we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for having His angels step in and spare us from the wrathful nuclear missile instrument of Judah and his war sport cult?


The guy that matured first. Tried to put us out with hurt. He has now fled to his mountain shelters to sit our die out. His innerspring 5th columnists now found out. The mental, physical, genetic damage perp being done to us by weap Judah still rolling on.


"We just do video to dolt," Judee say.


Tele receives:


"RISE us some more. 3.32 PM


They're bankrupt sinners. 4.05 PM


Why don't you guys leave? 4.50 PM


Its plastic. 7.06 PM


We failed our resources Bushly. 7.14 PM


We die fish. 7.15 PM


We failed our revolution. 7.16 PM


God failed to accomplish us, we just can't win.


They cored our sight glory with our state. 7.16 PM


We failed our reality and finally failed ourselves.


Criminals are crushing us obviously. 7.17 PM


3,500 years ago they didn't take a tip from above.


Its all a right core. 7.19 PM


You failed your sanity. 7.21 PM


Its all lunatic you got here, they plastic you right. So that's what you got in Iowa state. 7.22 PM


Shut down the cuppee. 7.24 PM


They get you hospital with their hatchet plan. 7.26 PM


Muslim foul this country through Austria. 7.27 PM


They always get you out children, that's how they make you die. 7.35 PM


Judas suckerage totaled you. 7.36 PM


They just ditch you sham. 7.37 PM


We're dying fistic.


Patrick tossed them out of here and we're dying fistic.


A Grinch colony. 7.39 PM


They're dying all us kids. 7.49 PM


You failed to save nice fishie.


It was all bum research town. 7.52 PM


The elephants are sinning us guys. 7.56 PM


In a matter of weeks you're dead because you failed to save yourself from gruesome. 7.57 PM


Labor insurance is a great hit parade.


Interest rate Jews fold your rights with hike-a-ment. 11.01 PM


A view of predators you received and failed fantastic. 11.05 PM


ORGANIZE miracle fun. 11.07 PM


Jailed outrageous. 11.14 PM


You failed to receive our thoughts, thank you. 11.16 PM


Druids are meant to be lethaled.


Master dies you all elusive. 11.17 PM


Past peril scoping them. 11.23 PM


Put them out sales treason easily. 11.25 PM


Our genus conned us.


You failed a micro sale. 11.28 PM


Extortion theory rather than financial neccessity is holding you tossed for brusal. 1.17 AM


Bourse fail set you.


Bourse fail set you all to die.


If you want to receive compensation for the war then STRIKE! 1.10 AM


The son of a bitch's burned us up.


Biologically life has failed. 1.20 AM


The professor caught them early. 1.30 AM


Get you over the side with a cup of coffee.




Race you all out rich.


They poison cadaverously.


December 8th, tossed you out. 1.31 AM


Kinda slick. 1.33 AM


An air raid tossed you wet. 1.34 AM


It was errish to slay people. 1.35 AM


Your white gen rejected us. 1.48 AM


Jewish state you're closing up yourself. 1.49 AM


You're closing out your voices.


You failed to save your life form, you're put away here officially. 1.50 AM


Your ment Bitch, they scored you off the street. 1.52 AM


Typhus officials buried us with threats. 1.52 AM


Stoofish lost your lives here. 1.53 AM


They bourse you rightly. 1.54 AM


ORGANIZE your century, ORGANIZE your state. 1.55 AM


They blew us off, ORGANIZE yourselves. 1.56 AM


Criminals forced you helpless, you died your bounty. 1.58 AM


Canada raped us.


A cautious life was refused. 1.59 AM


Purists forced you out of cipher." 2.00 AM



Bitch has been picking up that the velocity circuit board builders have been solicited by Americas wealthy to join them in a new underground life building power supplies so that they can continue to live easy and nice.


The big non-Jews know the score and are heading to South America to escape the mass die that is coming in here. From there they are going into the undergrounds, just as the Jews already have done.


And what of us that remain on the surface? Might our power lines one day fall down and we be returned to a time when we did not have electricity?


With velocity power supplies running we will never lose electricity over a wide area. Do we see they'll be no way they will be able to crash power lines to leave us without electricity?


With velocity power supplies we can get inside and have heat and all the power needed to pump our water, mine out a new world, grow our vegetables and have all the comforts that we are used to here.


Much likelihood we ordinary fish will be invited into the undergrounds? Seems unlikely doesn't it?


Are we understanding that the over whelming number of Americans will be staying right here on the surface as our air is made lethal to breathe?


Because Judah still has unlimited free money to write checks on American Labor, he is still hiring shooting the fish out here.


"Your time has ended now, peace will not have you around. Your time has ended for harming my children. Peace has slaughtered you. Bitch is a nice boy that serves me well. No more nuggets, no more abuses. Get the tight beast out. In getting them out don't take life. Go in peace, I love you."


Thank you Father for loving us. Thank you Father for taking care of us. Thank you for your message to us.


Velocity circuitry is powering the undergrounds. And has been for over a decade now. The wealthy non-Jew Americans are aware of our poisoning here and are now setting their sights on getting into an underground of their own.


Will Labor, along with hiring our grand juries, not hire our velocity circuit builders to build velocity power supplies right here for all of us?


Might we try to imagine the difficulties we may experience if our power lines fall down and stay down for an extended period of time?


Are we understanding that with velocity power supplies on line they cannot shut us down? Are we aware that we have 3 weeks left to act for peace before we are permanently out with the Jew?


The grand juries Labor, are we understanding that they are only to be informational? We're shutting down Auschwitz, we will have no more imprisonment. They'll be no indictments or things like that. Merely hear what Judah and his sport teams did, settle it with bourse and move forward in peace.


"Most favored suggestions." The rules in elders world. Will Labor not take us there to peace?


3 weeks, that's all the time left for us now. If we keep funding and fighting war after that, are we understanding that we will pass out of life form in only a few years more?


Those who have been building nuclear bombs and selling them to us. With our awakening, is it not likely they will never sell them to us again? After attacking us with them, might nuclear missiles not be a real hard sell?


Must Labor not help us? Are we not all the children of God? Yes we are.


Are we accepting that we were made to love one another? That is a fact. Are we not appreciating the glory and magnificence of God our Father and how Father has let Judah get himself gone? Will Labor not help us to close the firebug out right?


Pyro mania.

From Wiki:


Pyromania is an impulse control disorder in which individuals repeatedly fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires, in order to relieve tension or for instant gratification.


The term pyromania comes from the Greek word (pyro, fire). Pyromania is distinct from arson, the deliberate setting of fires for personal, monetary or political gain.


Pyromaniacs start fires to induce euphoria, and often fixate on institutions of fire control like fire stations and firefighters.


Pyromania is a type of impulse control disorder, along with kleptomania, intermittent explosive disorder and others.


A cause may be that the patient is subconsciously seeking revenge for something that has occurred in the past.


Individuals with pyromania have also been prominent in having antisocial traits. These include truancy, running away from home, and delinquency.


Pyrophilia is a relatively uncommon paraphilia in which a subject derives gratification from fire and fire-starting activity. It is distinguished from pyromania by the gratification being of a sexual nature.


While the erotic focus immediately raises the diagnostic issue of pyromania, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV classifies this disorder as an impulse-control disorder, with nothing to indicate or suggest an overlap between this disorder and the paraphilias.


Might we think a little bit about our entire planet being taken over by pyro maniacs and pyro philiacs that get sexual gratification out of burning people up?


Do ordinary people just not have enough imagination to perceive what type of dangerous people have gotten the grip on us all?


"The patient is subconsciously seeking revenge for something that has occurred in the past."


Are we understanding Labor that when Judah weakness brought in great balls of fire, either Judah had to go or our planet was gone?


Might we not ponder in awe and amazement at the glory of our precious God almighty who afforded Judah the opportunity to use his own weakness to get himself gone?


Judah said in reverse speech that he was his own savior. An avatar, a self created god on earth. No need to look to our good God above for advice.


Did Judah not hold the entire surface of planet earth in his grip? Yes he did. Did his arrogance not catch him in one single night? Yes it did.


Will we not pray that ordinary everyday men and women will STRIKE THEM OUT until a committee of the whole has the concession to issue our money in their hands?


"I'm completely out. Our minus challenge is right. Our enticement philosophy rapes guys. Eric went to ground. For a gag, all the time falsing you until you die. I'm a falled foul. We like to shoot you like a boot leg.


We're just screwing you with a residual budget. Reicho die you right, pure scrimmage. Fataled you Jew fist, beat you in the head," Judee say.


Did Judee not do a great job to beat us in the head? Is that not an interesting double entendre? Beat us in the head with his fists and beat us in the head with his mental. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and end his life dedicated to beating us?


Tele receives:


"Loomicide. 6.28 AM


You're a nice fella. 6.30 AM


Put them out swell." 6.43 AM



"Iowa's a Jew opper state, our core will end. I'm a document exhausted. Jew core lost the state. With the right images you're riceable. Its completely possible they'll port me slow.


My Bismark page is failed for gruesome. The gentlemen, we shoot them out with children. We just set you mad dog for a fiendy tyranny. I'm coring from a mutual pod. We just false jail reason and we got to the top.


The police department quit us because we can't sweat you. We've always enjoyed holding you in the hospital for the merchant. Our poop is all nervous sight. Reicho visit you just fine with federals. I qualify you as a failed man to our genius. We false you out to make marshmallow city, that's our shitty.


The white boy we murdered his peaceful so he pushed us all off, I'm going because I'm lethal. My spirit rolls Judee anthem, I was nuts to shoot you.


We take off integration as part of our right. I'm all off for the state ricing you right. Jew hold you out of the universe falsely. We abducted and shot you.


Jew is obviously killed for maximum foul now. I was just born for tricks. With our awesome 4 eyes state we just awesome foul them right.


If you repent you will see Jews jail disease. I had a hospital for my white side to pull off. Juvenile aptitude is my main force set to go. The white, we get you into a dog fight.


The Irishman has told them about our gross war, I'm through for contact. We dodge you from Brazil, Lithuania is doing a fight with the boys. Stupid we failed video day.


I'm just an animal fiend, a jury corruptee. I just have to arrest you and hold you Auschwitz Judah time to hold my site. The college boy rolled my stupid out for messing with you boys.


We dunge most everything with Germany. I just manage your life failed. The best colony we shot all gone fries," Judee say.


America, the colony that would not allow itself to enter into a contract arrangement to become a nation state without having an open, public, written, freely agreed to and signed guaranteed Bill of rights.


The best colony ever, America on the first Ten Amendments to the United States of America's Constitution, the Bill of Rights.


And Judah joys that he shot the best colony gone all fries.


How about this reverse speech from local news: "Iowa's a Jew opper state, our core will end."


Might we ask, "what is it about Iowa that allowed it to become a Jew opper state?"


For the answer to that, might it be in the original legal documents, the written constitution that created the state of Iowa in 1846?


The first constitution of Iowa in 1846 was super ceded by a second, the current constitution, in 1857.


"Except in cases cognizable by justices of the peace."


That is still the the position today in Iowa, found in the 1857 constitution. And what might be the significance of such a bypass of grand jury process by defining a case as cognizable by a justice of the peace?


Might we not ask "what was the range of authority of a justice of the peace in 1846?"


Here we have it spelled out in the 1857 Iowa constitution, which is the law today in Iowa.


Might we not look closely at section 11 and note that it allows for a petty crime, not more than $100 dollar fine or up to 30 days in jail to bypass the grand jury requirement?


The supremes in concert in Washington DC in 1832 claimed the United States Bill of Rights did not apply at the state level.


From the 1857 constitution of Iowa. Concerning political power here


Might Labor not agree with what those in 1857 and before saw, that all political power is inherent to the people?


Inherent: existing as an inseparable part; intrinsic


The most important thing about politics, is it not about who has the Organizing Principle of our Society in their hands?


The authority to issue our money. Might we not appreciate what one scientist said, "The power of the purse is all the power there is?"

Must Labor not return political power to where it belongs, in to the hands of a democratic order from Labor?


Might we see how that Supremes decision allowed the original crafters of the Iowa constitutions to by pass the grand jury, and regular jury process, allowing them to jail a person for up to 30 days with no jury or grand jury hearing a thing?


Might that one item in both constitutions concerning having no jury or grand jury involved in petty offenses, be what has afforded weap Judah the opportunity to turn Iowa into what he calls a "Jew opper state?"


After our reading of Jefferson and Wythe, without a grand jury to indict, or a jury to hear the facts, whether it be a petty offense or capital murder, are we seeing that the state has no legal standing without a grand jury to give the corporate state legal personality?


Continues at:


And how important might the question of legal standing be?


How about when the supreme clerks in 1858 claimed Dred Scott did not have legal standing because he was not a citizen?


From our history did it not follow that within a few short years that the better part of a million Americans died in the sport battles of the civil war? Might we consider that if the supreme court did not interfere with the jury decision and have let Dred live as a free man, there would have been no war?


Do ordinary working people get some idea of how these sport people have been able to miff us in so many ways with their war sports?


The United States Bill of Rights. Is there not agreement that it is the only reason America appeared to begin with?


The great excitement of arriving in a land that is free. Only to be put in cage once again by clerks on private bourse.


Hold us on the authority of clerks for 30 days in a cage. Might that not be enough time to get at least one good jab in?


Maybe a jail house chef called out of retirement to make something for us to eat before our 30 days runs out?


This is not funny here Labor. The merchants holding our receipts hostage have literally wiped millions of Americans out.


They have been refused by the universe. They have held us back literally, for thousands of years with their insane, pathological, jealousy-revenge driven, human sport violence. Our good God is dying their life form off. Will Labor not let Judee off of here right?


"Basically for my plastic sport I lost it. We perish you metal," Judee say


When we think of how Judah perishes with metal might it be the hard steel of a switchblade knife? Or the hot piece of lead that rifled out the barrel?


Who would think of chrome metal as how Judah perishes us? Have we not heard chrome mentioned enough times in reverse speech associated with weapheimers to know that chrome is how Judah gives us Alzheimer's dementia?


The snack Bitch ate the other day that elder put into his head to throw away. His eyes were sore when he woke in the middle of the night. Might elders have woke him at that time so that he could detect that it was chrome that was in the snack he partially ate?


The eyes did not hurt for a long time, yet Bitch knew that it was a distinctive symptom of something he ate. If he had slept through the night, might he have detected nothing all?


Can we only wonder how many snacks with nano-chrome in them would it take to go out of mind?


The understanding is, our brains respond to foreign particles by developing plaques in the head. They absorb the metals. Plaques are what are found when Alzheimer's patients are autopsied.


Only 3 weeks left. Elder said when Bitch was munching snack, "we want you intelligent."


It was a snack that Bitch had eaten before. It was on sale this time when he was in the store. 3 bags for $5. Can we only wonder how many got the bargain?


"Basically for my plastic sport I lost it," Judee said.


Once Labor acts to STRIKE THEM OUT might we not get the plastic out of our foods and beverages?


Is that not a cunning way to make a person die, poison them slowly where they can't detect the poison and when they finally figure it out, its too late to do anything about it?


The question again of legal standing and how important it is. Will working people not take a hold of what we are facing here, STRIKE THEM OUT, get hold of the concession to issue our money, STOP THE WAR and put our United States of America Bill of Rights in once again?


As to the question of vengeance on Judah for the sins he has committed against the children of God.


Deuteronomy 32:35 I will take revenge; I will pay them back. In due time their feet will slip. Their day of disaster will arrive, and their destiny will overtake them.'


36 "For the LORD will vindicate His people, And will have compassion on His servants, When He sees that their strength is gone, And there is none remaining, bond or free.


37 "And He will say, 'Where are their gods, The rock in which they sought refuge?


38 Who ate the fat of their sacrifices, And drank the wine of their drink offering? Let them rise up and help you, Let them be your hiding place!


39 'See now that I, I am He, And there is no god besides Me; It is I who put to death and give life. I have wounded and it is I who heal, And there is no one who can deliver from My hand.…


Might we think of what Father said a few years ago, "They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm?"


And what Father said about Judah many thousands of years ago:


"Their day of disaster will arrive, and their destiny will overtake them."


Will American Labor not join with our good God above and help us speed Judah on to his destiny?


"Thank you. 4.00 AM


Delightful fail whiskey cost us. 4.21 AM


They died us falious. 4.27 AM


I love you for getting the torque wrench out." 4.39 AM


Thank you. It was a pleasure to get the torque wrench out, will we not pray that Labor will come in before we have no hope left?


"Foolish!" Elder said to Bitch at 9.23 AM


Elder has said for most of the last 5 years , "Foolish to do nothing." As we face loss of life form as the rapture is 3 weeks away, might we not try to bypass foolish this time, Get Smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?




Questions about our civil rights. Once we have Labor issuing our money might we not see our bright lawyers and economists stepping in to help us here?


Once they know they will not lose their lives for helping us, might we not see a lot of our bright kids stepping in and helping us?


Will Labor also keep in mind what Father said, "I want to save your lives? Try to perceive me, I love you." If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT!


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy



"Failed abusive. 3 or 4 months pressure and a final defeat will come."


Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.


"Life forces are lethal cheered off. The U.S. is leaving, its getting a lot sheepish."


Thank you Sir Jason for that telepathic message today.


One last reverse speech from international news. Here Judah comments about our Martian friend and good neighbor Sir Casper and his diligent team that has pulled every nuclear shot off of us:


"The Marsh man has not been able to get me out," Judee say.


Might we not spend some time praying thanks to Father for sending our elders from outer space in to spare us from being exterminated by weap Judah who has been attacking using his nuclear missiles? Thank you.



Wednesday, November 16 — Psalm 127

1 Kings 9:20–10:29; John 15:9–17

Let all those rejoice who put their trust in you.


Psalm 5:11 (NKJV)

Although you have not seen Jesus Christ, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and rejoice with an indescribable and glorious joy.


1 Peter 1:8

Our Lord Jesus, though we may not see you face-to-face, help us to show your presence to our neighbors, friends, family, and to all whom we meet. Let us be your hands and feet in the life of someone who needs you today. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


Continues at:

Nov. 15, 2016

"Your State Of Mind Has Abolished You's Crunch"


That is a Tele receive. "Your state of mind has abolished you's crunch."


"A Useful life is rusively closed here."


Thank you Sir Jason for that telepathic message today.


Has Judee not proven to be a master of the ruse?


Synonym Discussion of ruse. From Websters dictionary.


Trick, ruse, stratagem, maneuver, artifice, wile, feint mean an indirect means to gain an end.


Trick may imply deception, roguishness, illusion, and either an evil or harmless end.


Ruse stresses an attempt to mislead by a false impression. Stratagem implies a ruse used to entrap, outwit, circumvent, or surprise an opponent or enemy.


Maneuver suggests adroit and skillful avoidance of difficulty.


Artifice implies ingenious contrivance or invention.


Wile suggests an attempt to entrap or deceive with false allurements.


Feint implies a diversion or distraction of attention away from one's real intent.


Has Judee not used to the ruse to complete effect?


Judee killing a child to push his agenda forward. Might that be one of Judah's ingenious contrivances?


Or how about Judah terrorizing us and creating wars to allow him to build up his military strength to the level that he would be able to surprise us with a shot in the middle of the night to extinct us?


Judah misleading us by false impression. That Judah has been able to give a false impression that our family from the Middle East brought down buildings in New York city on 911, 2001. How is that for an example of Ruse?


Might Judah kids demonstrating against Trump be a way to take our attention off of going on STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah? Is that not quite a cunning Feint? Has Judah not demonstrated an incredible facility of mind in the area of ruseing us?


Maneuver suggests adroit and skillful avoidance of difficulty.


Has Judah not maneuvered himself adroitly after Bitch caught him attacking us with nuclear Missiles, by him using pictures and telling lies about Bitch?


If not for the love of our good God do we not know that Judah would have already killed us all and our kids?


Judah with his well thought out trick, ruse, stratagem, maneuver, artifice, wile, feint. Might we not consider that it did not stand the test of time?


Did Judah ruse not fail right to the love of our good God for us all?


Stratagem implies a ruse used to entrap, outwit, circumvent, or surprise an opponent or enemy


Though now having survived two major nuclear missile attacks against us here, June 11, 2011, when Judah attacked us with 3,200 nuclear warheads, and then on June 11, 2014, when Judah attacked us with 960 nuclear warheads that were fired from British submarines, might we not have to question Judah stratagem that entrapped, surprised and outwitted us so?


Though might we not want to consider that there were some of us that were not surprised at all by Judah attacking us with nuclear missiles in the middle of the night?


Even with a fault of stupid did Bitch not figure out nuclear blast extinction was to be our end when he did the mathematics of nuclear war in November of 1965? Yes he did and spent his time looking for some way to avoid losing his life in a nuclear war.


Judah with his life time threat to kill us all in a few hours of shooting sport war. Did he not terrorize us right?


Is it not something to consider that with the power of mathematics we can see things that are not visible? The power of mathematics to give us a view into the future.


Might we not pray that the presence of mind arrives that will lead Labor to put its fingers to an electronic calculator to figure out how massively we are dying here now?


It was spring of 2004 and the report on the news said that Dr. Mallove had been shot dead. Immediately Bitch went to Dr. Mallove's web site and discovered he had published the Russian Academy of Sciences Report of its 2003 results concerning the Moldavian over unity cavitation pump.


Pravda had a story that Bitch found in September of 2003. Headlines read: "Laboratory Researchers Discover Technology that will bring an end to Oil, coal, Gas and nuclear energy."


Clicked on it to read the story and it said "This Page is not Available."


Checked it out in the following days and it never reappeared. "This Page is not Available." Is all it said. What could it be that would put coal, oil, gas and nuclear technology out of business?


And here was that Pravda report posted at Dr. Mallove's web site in May of 2004. Checked it out since, did not find it there any more.


The Russian Academy of Sciences Report, said that the Moldavian cavitation pump was proven to be 4 times over unity. They also proved there was no cold fusion involved.


It was suggested in the Russian Academy's report delivered by Lev Saporski, that the Moldavian cavitation pump may have been extracting the excess energy found, from the zero point fields somehow.


With such clarification in particular about no cold fusion being involved in demonstrated over unity energy production, might the Russian Academy's report have let the cat out of the bag?


And then the speculation by the director of the test, Dr. Saporski, that the Moldavian cavitation pump may somehow be drawing energy from the zero point field.


Bitch, having read several times Phil Corso's book, "The Day After Roswell," knew there was no engine on board the UFO that crashed there. The craft dropped at Roswell in 1947 was a sailboat of sorts, it flew in the electromagnetic winds of our universe.


A few days of mathematics in Spring 2004, and there it was. A displacement in the time and space continuum, produced by his speed electricity separation that was caused by a relativistic shift in time.


Learning years later that it was likely that Henry Rowland suspected it before 1901. Kaluza-Klein actually made it public in fact, "the plane of the dimension they said in 1938." But nobody including Einstein understood it then.


For his good work in free energy research many decades before, Dr. Moray had bullet proof glass installed on his car because so many bullets were flying at him.


Can we not think about, if only Dr. Mallove had worn a bullet proof vest? Or even better, if only Labor had the concession to issue our money in 2004, might there have been no big paycheck available to take Dr. Mallove away from his work?


Can we only wonder how big the bribes were to let the useful Dr. be stolen away from us all?


If only the good Dr. had lived might his knowledge have already put out the nuclear artillery that is destroying us now?


Are we understanding Labor that we are in a general nuclear war of mass destruction and that weap Judah is shooting us with his big gun from Hitachi-GE on the other side of our world?


The entire north American continent turned from fertile plains into dry, parched desert for us to try and survive in. Why didn't you try it Labor?


Are you holding a grudge against Bitchie boy for his accidental blooper to you's? Will you not have some compassion for a nice boy that has been at the front too long?


Is it not agreed by those who have cared enough to think about the difficult situation we are in that Mercury report has gotten Judah and his old rag out here for good?


The weap Judah of historical infamy. Has Bitchie not gotten them out of here right? Yes he has. They cannot act in any political matters any more ever again. Is it not seen that they have lost their management due to attacking us nuclear to extinct us and Bitchie blowing the horn?


A heart so true that has failed the trust that Father placed in him to get his children to safe harbor. Could this be a cruelty grudge of Labor against the nice Bitch? If so will Labor not let it go?


Now facing a MEGA DEATH die of white fish. Poisoned out at the genetic level, going out of life form with our kids.


Might we think again of the battle of Orleans in France as Joan of arc led her troops to victory in 1430.


When Judah brought his troops in for attack, as they crossed the bridge to assault the forces of Joan of arc, the bridge collapsed. Sending the cruelly manipulated poor from England to their watery graves in the river with their armor on.


The bridge collapse also collapsed the Judah war against France. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and let them off right?


While the ordinary people may have not connected the dots with the miraculous things that happened during and after the battle for Orleans, such as the miracle of Joan's heart not being able to be burned, or the miracle that Joan had a message from the angels telling her to move her trusty aid away and count Delude stepping into the same spot and being hit with a cannon ball shot, or the collapse of the bridge with the cruelly manipulated poor of England standing on it.


All of these miracles and many more in Joan's life. Is it not likely that Judah knew it was Mercury that he was facing off with when Joan was serving our Lord?


Judah tells us that he has "supreme knowledge." Might that help to explain why he has always been able to hold the people where ever he goes with his sword, his lies and his innerspring tricks?


To kill the whole of the human race and die off the entire surface of our planet. Will Labor not try to awake to just what sort of a menace is at us?


Planet earth, this little petri dish of the universe we live in. Will Labor not try to save the experiment for us? JFK wanted to blow the horn on them but they got him out before he could.


The FAA did not report the loss of JFK juniors plane for 15 hours. When it was found the pilots seat was missing. Never found. Might we consider how Judah likes the excitement and thrill of his opps?


Sea hunt and his dirty tricks. The double air bag that was never found. Will Labor not let them off right?


With the satchel charge going off in the engine compartment of the 767 that was still on the ground the other day, might it not be in all of our best interests to take the free money away from Judah and his kids?


Might we not think about when we are making reservations of how it lets them get their opps set in?


Will Labor not please listen to the angels that our good God sent in to rescue us? Did they not suggest that we should "GET SMART?"


Will American Labor not GET SMART and STRIKE THEM OUT?


"I would have given you anything. I gave you the peace must you fail? My kids, treat them super nice. I want you to be comfortable. They're no friends of mine. They've poisoned my village, I want them off. Put them out, they're criminals." Precious sweet Father said.


Father spoke to Bitch last night. Here is some of what Father said:


"I entrusted you and you pushed them off of here. Beautiful war existed and now they're flies. I promised you happiness, now you're quite dead."


What's wrong here Labor? You won't hold a grudge on Bitch until we're all smoked out of here will you?


These guys and gals don't love us Labor. Is that not apparent yet? Is it not perceived that they would have put us all out of here if not for the love of our good God.


Our great wealth now going out never again in our life times to return this way. Will we not try to protect ourselves?


Must Labor not end our complicity in the sin of war? The thing Judah calls sport, will Labor not end funding Judah war score?


"We Psyche you fair," Judee say.


How fair is it that we fund assaulting our brothers and sisters thousands of miles from our shores? Will Labor not identify with the the rest of God's long suffering children on earth and let the Judah form off of here right?


They can't fight a day of war with out our purse. Will Labor in the name of our good God not let them off of here right?


"I gave you the peace, must you fail. I want you to be comfortable. My kids, treat them super nice. Why didn't you try it? They're no friends of mine. They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God our precious sweet Father said to us all.


Which will rule planet earth, the wicked heart and mind of weap Judah or the love and kindness of our good God above?


Judee likes to play with his mice and even enjoys trying to play with our elders above. Judee learned a century and a half ago that our home is located 38 light years from earth.


Judee response to such knowledge? He built a 38 caliber police special to shoot God's kids with.


More recent times, a little over a half of a century ago, Judee learned that we share the same high level intelligence genetics with our elders from outer space. Our 223 psychiatric thinking package.


Judee response to such wondrous news? Do we recall he built the M-16 machine gun and equipped it with 223 caliber slugs?


"Our passion fell," Judee say.


The plan to burn the entire surface of planet earth away killing all life forms on the surface. The insane life form that is weap Judah, will Labor not help us to get them out of the drivers seat?


"Your might made false fall." Tele receive. 7.45 PM


Any body doubt that at all?


And yet Bitch might has not been able to save the victims that are now dying with their families in a nuclear war. The right less fish of America.


Bitch Constable got them out the right way, did Judee not admit to this? Yes he did.


Did Bitch Constable not properly explain Jefferson and Wythe to take Judee false right out the door? Certainly he did.


Will Labor not be thinking how to prevent us from being destroyed like this?


8 centuries ago at Runnymede our brightest put our rights in for us all. Must we relearn the hard way the reasons why our rights are so important to us?


Father is with us Labor. Will we not courageously STRIKE THEM OUT? Do we not see that with Father's love to guide us there is nothing to be frightened of?


They start with a battery for $1,000 dollars, and go from there. Will Labor not spend our money on something else?


"You got it right about K------. " Tele receive. 6.57 AM


Shortly after that Tele receive, a Judee power washer guy saw Bitch drive past and sent him this telepathic message:


"Its a historical thing with Celts, we just hit you," Judee say at 7.06 AM


There is absolutely no urge all to hit them back. No grudge, revenge, will Labor not just let them off right? Will Labor not help us to get the job done?


Will Labor not join with our good God above?


Bitchie intelligence tuned his facility of mind to the threat of nuclear weapons in our world. Since November of 1965 and doing the mathematics of nuclear war, Bitchie spent his time looking in the books trying to find the words that would get us out of the threat of nuclear war and into the peace for all of us.


Not able to get it done in time, Judee attacked us from our blind side. Will Labor not say a prayer of thanks to our beautiful precious sweet Father above for sending His angels in to care for us all?


"Sad coffee is what's failed us ." Tele receive. 7.00 AM


The 80% of our coffee that Judee has diddled with. Might that explain why we have such a difficulty contending with him?


"It was a faulty intelligence raid, that's why I always appear to push you," Judee say.


Must we not end funding shooting ourselves?


As Patricia Krenwinkel stabbed away, Bill Garretson, the caretaker of the guest cottage at the Tate residence, admitted later on that he heard Abby Folger utter, “I’m Already Dead.”


We're already dead American Labor, must not stop stabbing ourselves with war and nuclear waste?


"The Druid fist has died yourselves." Tele receive. 1.01 AM


Will the Druid, Celt and Slav not let the Jewish master off right?


Will American Labor not end funding their penetrating four speed? Will Labor not end funding their applying their therapy on us?


A rare life form is Judah our elders inform us, not welcome in the universe above us. Now being died off by our good God above. Will Labor not authorize ourselves and try to prevent the total loss of our life forms here?


Continues at:


Will Labor not please drop your grudge against Bitch and help us to try and survive here?


Bitch, while deeply imperfect bases his thinking in love. Doesn't care about how many yachts or sport cars or mansions anyone has, the only thing that causes him to react is the use of his money to harm his brothers and sisters in this world. Will we not end quietly tolerating Judee running his 50 weap sheds on our dollar bill?


Bitch held himself in quiet until Mercury tossed him the pass in October of 2011 of what Judee did in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. 10 days later Judee fell out for good. The top people in our world understood that Judah had tried to burn us up in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.


6 months went by with little reaction among ordinary people and then Bitch shot himself by insulting you's.


Bitch, chased out of Chicago by Maxwell street, the same crowd that put Harold the good in in 1987.


They search us good at the airport they tell us so that we will be safe on the plane. Now that they got caught with their satchel charge in the engine compartment, might we not see it some other way? Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha. Ain't they so funny?


"We want too make sure your safe." Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha. Who needs wacky tobaccee with such funny stuff?


It would be nice to have a good laugh, but we are seriously dying out now. Will the Druid, Celt and Slav, not help us NOW?


The place where the name "slave" came from. The Slavic peoples, the mild man of the north. Will Labor not lift us up to the people that we really are? Will Labor not get the cat off and let us all live in peace and love once again?


The face of white supremacy that Judah feeds to the world. If we're so supreme how is it that we are right less in our own land? Will Labor in God's name not do better for us?


Jesus sent to the Jews by Father Christopher 2,000 years ago. His mission was to share with Jewish the way to save themselves.


Might we consider that in the following 2,000 years, the Jewish have now died themselves out of life form?


As perfect as Jesus was and is, still not able to reach Judah or his kids. Not able to save the Jews from themselves. Are we not understanding that for their weakness, they're now being died off by our good God above?


Farther will never harm us. Yet do we not get it yet? That is, if we passively continue funding Jewish sport war and genocide, is it not seen that Judah himself will make most of us die?


Will we not try to discover the insight that will allow us to see the evil designs that Judah has upon us?


If so might we not consider this wisdom found in our bibles to help us?


The Benefits of Wisdom

6 For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.


7 He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk in integrity,


8 Guarding the paths of justice, And He preserves the way of His godly ones.…


Might we not consider seriously getting together with our family and praying to our good God above now that Judah has sealed us in to dying us off in the hundreds of millions right here in America?


"They shot you nice false accusive." Tele receive. 1.03 AM


Will Labor not accept that Judah shot Bitch nice false accusive? Will we not try at least once to save ourselves?


Is it not yet clear that those who make war in whatever way, die off and do not go into the universe?


"Your state of mind has abolished you's crunch."


Thank you Sir Morris for that telepathic message today.


The state of mind that Labor should quietly pay taxes on its own Labor. The tax used to make world wars and kill off our own lifeforms. Is it not certain that Labor can get a better deal for us here? Yes.


Is there not some way to get Americans to try and save ourselves? Must we not refuse to quietly die out right less, sightless, merely tools to fund and fight Jewish sport wars?


Millions of our family living out on the street while Judah plays sport with our family worldwide


"Because you're right less we bore beautiful," Judee say.


Must Labor not reach the level to make us free human Beings?


"War federal ways, we just have a judge put you away," Judee say.


Does Labor not want to have the rights that our good God gifted us with? Are we not understanding that they are a gift to help us live free in peace and prosperity?


A few more weeks of funding and fighting Jewish sport war and perpetrating genocide and it looks as if the right less Druid, Celt and Slav may fund dying ourselves off. Is it not perceived that we are set to die out in the range of 95% of us all.


Our children and grandchildren may be gone in a few years. Our seed to die out of here forevermore. Our song not heard in the universe. Have we not heard that time and tide wait for no man? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


"I'm done with them." Father said concerning the Labor bosses who time and again have rejected calling Labor to a STRIKE TO STOP THE WAR.


"The white people are past now for feeble." Reverse speech from a non-Judah speaker.


"We weaped the white people dead. We wanted to shut up his mother with a M------ zoom. Our conscious is brutal and that is how we hold you and blew your state. Unhospitable is how we jab you off. If I want my wealth to persist, you die.


Canada has provided a big push wicked. I just have an arrest field to make you fall. I just have a fistulum. Our 4 eyes put you into paralysis to pull you out. Margarine from Germany helped us with our sales. stupid we failed video day.


White kids we waste off barnacle with our animal doctor. Suffer you poverty and injury is part of our go fiend. With our Campbell sport we just punish you. With your rights off I fall your state.


In custody we just die you. You just take my pills to keep you happy. You failed to a filthy Jew force. I die you procedure petro die. Your focus I want to ghost. Our extension has disappeared, its not wanted above.


The Irish shit I baby set. We fail you bail bond. Because of advanced force you see our star. NATO was to take much life. Our theory was stupid perjury that's why we needed Pittsburgh to take you out.


4 eyes have managed you. West German is who shot your oxygen. I deadly late you the first of August, you all going away because that's my way.


We die you all super in our zoo. We app you series. We cite you with a hostile environment to make you dead.


I sheep you and auto set you. Germany people are coming out in real time. When we get you Judas we get you stupid. I force your rights to go in so I can molest you easily. Jewish biography is to take you brains out.


We force you bets to make you weep. I offend you completely on my bed. We just have a general to put your rights away. A grand jury will take us off our war and sacrifice.


Other people miss seeing our purple. You authorize me filthily that's why I won. A dog shit to throw you over. We put your esophagus in a ditch. His mother wants us thrown Jew pepper, its OK, I'm going away. He knows my favorite fiction," Judee say.


"Their giant war washed away Patrick's faith field." Non-Judah reverse speech.


Might we not keep praying to kind Father to help us survive this last nuclear war against God's children on earth?


"You authorize me filthily that's why I won."


Is Labor seeing why Judah has won?


Must American Labor not end its complicity in funding the authorizing of filthily and give us a second chance at life to get it right this time?


The Jewish cipher that tells us that their extension will disappear because they're not wanted above. Will Labor not try the STRIKE to save our lives once?


The faith field Labor. Will Labor not put our faith in to the hands of our good God above?


"Germany people are coming out in real time."


Of all of the mild people of the north, are we not aware that it is German people that Judee hates most of all?


Judee tells us in reverse speech that he has got our family in Germany shot real good too. It is from German news reports that Bitch learned that it is our German family that has spotted visually Judee cable lines going into the mountains there.


High German Judah officials in reverse speech reveal they are expecting the German Labor force to go on strike when they realize they have been poisoned out as we have been here.


Will Labor make itself ready in the event that German Labor goes out first in a general strike to then join in and let the Jews and the palace off of here right?


The palace. Will Labor not help us to close their sniper teams out of here right?


Will Labor not Forgive Bitch for the stupid mistakes that brought on the fail? If so will Labor not ready ourselves for the STRIKE to save our lives?


There is no grudge, there is no revenge. Just a desire to get out of war, into peace and get on with life.


Is Labor perceiving that the advanced world of precious sweet Father is offering us a second chance at life?


Father is a kind beautiful perfected Being that Bitch only learned about in recent years here. Is Labor perceiving that beautiful Father does really love us all?


It is true Labor. Father loves us all and wants us to join with Him and His angels and put ourselves into a world at peace. It is the agape love that Father has for each and every one of his children here on earth.


Another thing, Bitch has pulled several times the mention of "August" as when Judah will have the majority of Americans died off of here.


As he has plans to use Russian troops to fist us with, are we perceiving that we are facing a die that may not even need a few years to get us sick with his brimstone waste?


Are we perceiving that God's love will guide us if only Labor will have the faith?


"I'm gonna die here real soon." That was from a high Judah guy.


Will American Labor not help us get them out of here right? If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.


Love God


Have mercy


PS: A note about Karl Liebknecht.


Read a web site article the other day reporting about Karl's way. The web site is a disguised Judee web site. It will tell how naughty Judah is, yet never encouraging us kids to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah.


Bitch looked at it and could see that it was to take Bitch down concerning how Karl informed us that war was aimed to subordinate ones own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class.


It mentioned several things about Karl that were negative. Bitch is aware of these things, Karl was not a pacifist as Bitch is.


Though Karl was not a pacifist, Bitch cites Karl because he identified the mole under neath that works to bring wars in. Might we consider that Karl correctly explained why war continues on even today? Do we see external war allows them to take our rights off so they can more easily rob and die us internal? Here's a link to read the article.



Thank you again.



Tuesday, November 15 — Psalm 126

1 Kings 8:54–9:19; John 14:25–15:8

I shall not be put to shame, having my eyes fixed on all your commandments.


Psalm 119:6 The disciples were urging Jesus, “Rabbi, eat something.” But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.” So the disciples said to one another, “Surely no one has brought him something to eat?” Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to complete his work.” John 4:31–34


God, our Father, help us to know and do your will. May all that we do this day be pleasing in your sight. Lord, bless us and keep us all in your loving care. Amen.


Continues at: