Reverse speech of Hulk Hogan interview:

Reverse speech of Hulk Hogan interview:

"We out victim as our charade-able force. I'm naturally poor summons. I want to get some particles in fantastical. Basic I'm going to short end you. Your fools heads will be out in four months. I always made a man punishment out.

My spirit says to purpose you imbeciles to eventuate a nice bubble. I'm perjury hos with mit. It all feels right for my semen. I have four letters holding to abandon you short; it's my pepperty.

I'm strategic perping the mouse yesterday, I'm perping German. We punish with war mirrees, just crush you in fatal. As long as I've got cells I'm a state to you, you see I just want to push heads.

I must com hour you irritate, that's my management. Iowa analysis see my sin weapicles. I mustn't die rouge. A person of hap stance rice for me. My chemicals on the police source shoot a guy.

We have to barnacle you up. I'm disgracing you real facial. Africa went under with Jewish lies. The professor saw my bigger plot. Cramps my opps color perform for me. I roll news departments for my sale.

I assault up with muss-tech, it leaves us roll for a reasonable life. Morsh you if I do my right offend because I'm permanently opposite to you.

My purpose was always to set you with a missile. Sporty reminds me I'm so housing you fair. My jeopardy is incredible sport. My peoples head more right to pop you. Martian people throw me stupid.

My viper assign ments done, too lethally. He's training us truth for perping you war. I bankrupt all the vegetables. My Philadelphia up you, you pay for all the mileage. Obviously we get fair with the police.

I'm sulking in a burlesque. The palace rates you core opp right. I have a big Jewish function here for sports. I kidney right wise. I'm angry with my Navy force, it blew us out screw. I launched out my cannibal force.

The minnows only do part see me to settle me. If something happened to you brute, that's English sport, I use them for my goose side forever.

I'm a specialist in the not usable, I core weaped you. We cored right on the initial Jewish foul. They've thrown my with hold out of here. My mintherapy, I've lost my Jew ricepital rights here. I always cored the minnow honestly for free.

The difference I stop, I believed jail was honest for you. I heard from the professor and he told us I'm out, my genes are on the pest word and did not sell well.

I racial cored for my sins. I am certainly rude for cash. I do a face war for threat. I'm a Jew dough analyst and a set you thief. You're superfluous to my right, I have an ancient theory of animal rolls. Security shot my main force.

I'm mentally opposite you, my sea balls out of time. With racial we hold you in a viper ward. I shot you with my friends nuclear. Jew take out wood heads with a special. We punish you slave, that's our sport.

This whole invasion is mandatory opps to make a dumb dog spite boys. Iowa basically throw my wicked so I can't hold you for sport no more. I basically score capsules out.

We spite you boardwalk ways to carriage you away. Our deadly rights mantle our school, it's a simple profess. My big nice is my ultimate rice here with Englishman. My producer ways sees an awesome wash away here.

I chain you from my mental side for sports. My molecules are profuse to homeless a boy. The minnow I homeless super, I sewer great. I invest in huge bombs to bust you, I smeared you good. I assault you right with my cable force.

The dog boy pulled all my capicles out. Failed sporting my true ment, dodge them. My Minnesota minister is revealed as corrupt. Care farce um."

This is the reverse speech concerning the 15 girl that reportedly committed suicide in Tampa, Florida:

"She be out for financial." Was one of he RS in the video? Might there be something there that a Grand jury would uncover if looked into?

"I horse you with federal fine."

Here's a couple more RS found in the video:

"The dog scored me right financially, my digital out way let me suffer you dog. We prefer to bowl the professor because we're having such a nice time dying you. I halt you mental life with menudo.

I play sport with uniforms corrupt. With confidence I indict. Jew roll leads but a fumble rolled my days. They got our cannibal criminal site out of here. I'm a great force to wreck your ocean here.

48 months and I'll roll the lot of you here. I course you off for fun. I've fallen off the pala-state for my boom right. I conspear my bus to make all your friends hate you. I had a right spin to pull your jungle off. I ever fold peace activists out by core a friend."

Are we understanding Labor why our peace activists are not speaking? Do we see that Judah gets them before they have a chance to help us get to peace?

Might we consider how cleverly they disinfo the entire opp?

Might we consider how Judah disguises the motive?

For those who have seen the young lady's picture, might we note she was beautiful? Do we see how Judah steals our handsome and brightest away and if they are inclined to peace activities he steals them young?

Or could it be something else? Might she have been the child of a peace activist who was stolen away by Judee and the child raised for an insurance collection?


Sinkhole spanning four-lane road swallows van in Ottawa REVERSE SPEECH

"I'm not useful so we cancelled you. I just bore your state when I'm inside you right.I radio fisty you whole. We had Muslims here we were going to hang it on. The Anglos we always fiend, this is part of our threat. Judah force bigot underground force finished.

Reverse speech from video in article of Chinese Man’s Death in Custody Prompts Suspicion of Police Brutality:

Reverse speech from several videos in articles of Chinese Man’s Death in Custody Prompts Suspicion of Police Brutality:

"We take the guy into jail and execute him so next guy knows not to go against our premises.

This is Judas cannibal field, we have rights to abuse.

We're dying you ultimately, my rights are Sherman.

We're always too fisty, heroin's our best package.

Stupid Bitch fouled us off.

A strike in two weeks and our way will cease.

Heroin's our best war them out.

We just shot him.

We perceive you and sock you right.

Our strategy is racket brutal.

Core-a-state science is hold for weap.

My video I refuse."


Post Thursday, June 2, 2016

Reverse speech from the videos of the Metra train derailment near Union Station May 27, 2016:

Reverse speech from the videos of the Metra train derailment near Union Station May 27, 2016:

"This was a Paris wrench

This was a colostomy so you don’t see us to allow us to proceed to take the minnow out.

We're outa here because of Iowa tour.

This was a multiple temperature opp criminal here

A big wrench article all fell.

I lost my geno-site for rolling you right.

A virtual outcast wrench force here.

This was all banker opp truly false.

It was a Jew significant evase."

Have we not been warned for years now to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Do we see they are still trying to set a temperature opp off in the city?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for having our elders from outer space still alerting us each and every time weap Judah tries to set a big boom boom of on us here?

Will Labor not help us and STRIKE THEM OUT and end all of the nuclear attacks against us? Thank you.



Reverse speech from the video of an interview with a father who lost his son.

The reverse speech are from the different speakers in the video.

"Peace strike, Los Angeles advertised the leaders

If I don’t have bourse to strike you then I can't put you out in my way.

Principal paid for this struck rice-a-ment.

The chief did the foul from Iowa state.

This was one of my most abusive pops here.

If I can keep you on fears I can keep you off of sight.

Moscow opped some gents from Russia.

I'm Judas with a British hot shot.

We wanted to fall a dangerous fool.

This boy was aiming to wipe us out.

We seize them by the vestory for sport.


You see with Russia I'm going to pullout your state.

Weinberg captioned this.

I died out with Germany for hit.

My departments arranged the shoot.

I make this spoof jest to roll my war beside you.

It was secret rite Dallas that first arrest him.

While I'm porting out in the thousands he was onto my best be-off.

Alston apped this out with a steamy Whitehouse.

Wisconsin babushka sent from Moscow handles the strike guys.

Casper mirrored Bolshevik booze here.

Police proceed for luxury right.

Since Iowa see ya he cinch you up right.

This was old brassiere regulatory opp.

The votive coming in will justify the whole thing.

You lost your self-interest, that's why we got you with a winch here.

I just keep oppin oxygen false.

This was sin bad with police roll.

The whites I abuse much.

I'm powerful to protest with my tuna boys.

Judas before four eyes set.

The butterflies for sport helped roll.

I had the right councilor in town.

It was tyranny all fish.

Local kids out my stretch.

He was held by force and busted by deputy force.

It was a vitamin toss.

We want you check mated.

College principal served this right.

Wisconsin hired some stew bums for here.


This was minimum wales here.

They out missile you right foreign.

I've never semper opped on you.

Judas sight ream casual.

Round head fed dissed my day.

They muscled out my genus head.

Judas fight with a wrench for income

My days of imaging are through.

I can perceive the brutal hoss.

Their genius excitement always has to follow you.

My race has fallen to Judas sight now for fear.



Here are some reverse speech taken from the videos of a variety of speakers concerning the Amy Joyner slaying.


Here are some reverse speech taken from the videos of a variety of speakers concerning the Amy Joyner slaying.

This is some of what is rolling in the subconscious minds of the speakers:

As a note, this may have to be removed from the internet as elders from outer space disapprove of Bitch putting up certain reverse speech.

A few weeks ago Bitch posted some reverse speech concerning an out of town organization and my rear windshield was busted out costing me over $300 dollars to fix.

Elders usually make no comment before posting these reverse speech, only after it is posted do they ordinarily comment, if they comment at all.

Here are the reverse speech statements from the three videos from ABC news in Chicago:

"We just want to bring in cops nation.

I'm basically burning you dog.

Yellow phaser I weap.

I'm making a fortune off this screw.

A bunch of criminals organized this here.

I got some foul wits make you a sub.

This is all false minnow exhausting you racist here.

Just camp them racial.

The angel I'm busting out of here right.

This was set to chapel on homeys homi-page.

I score Jew major.

I'm a desk opper for sewerage.

The angel don't enjoy my gruesome for free.

It's eventual, we'll fall the nation.

I house Druid wit homicide.

I tumble sex real nice.

For once the minister failed dead.

The cop threw passage off.

I'm primerly out with my force.

We fasch the white people corrupt.

This was my accomplices package.

Ever the munchkin I ligature your rights.

I managed to get a south side squad to do great.

This is a Judee fort attack here.

I cuff molest you.

Merchants have a ray tech good.

This was signaled well.

German boys I had app.

My tuffle died you.

Jew with a dungeon shot and died you.

Hope-a-cidal is warranting you.

There was a big passage with federal right.

Here two, Maryland house.

I believe this was Judas on fungiest.

Hornimental was my office for free.

See if I attach.

Jew had some great brief moments.

This was a roll embass-worth.

I fail you divisive division.

I was always fantastic with a move from above.

This was a Jew weap you proper so we could issue you summons.

I have to stand foul vicious, this was federal.

First thief did right.

There was some Bethlehem tech from their lab.

I'm real surprised with some real death treats; Judas opps are obviously all failed. My Otto just tight fist this. The company wants to put fear inside.

This is to build a model facility.

I'm regularly out assignment.

It was a cannibal from scoreville here.

Beirut balance is coming out right.

My Judas dungaree mosh you great.

Bitch is a sole advisor.

False here.

I enterprise them all.

I fault you in my semen.

I got a bunch of minnows peasant way.

I had a tactical car here from out of state.

This was weaped by the establishment to put fear in and stop you's."


My condolences to the family that lost such a beautiful child here.

For the members of Labor that read this, will you please hurry up and STRIKE THEM OUT so that we can begin grand jury process and let them off right?

The "fungiest." Do we recall that funguses and fungicides are used by Judee to make people opp insane?

A "model facility?" Might this be to aid in a new prison construction program?

Will Labor not please help us and take the concession to issue our money away from the cipher that does such horrific things as this?

Useful to ligature our rights?

"Embass-worth?" Do we read the embassy did this?

"It's eventual we'll fall the nation. Beirut balance is coming out right."

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT AND save us from any more harm?

Thank you

God Bless you.



"They tried to save us, Stupidly present you Bad." Tele receive. 3.31 AM

"They tried to save us, Stupidly present you Bad." Tele receive. 3.31 AM


Our elders from outer space did try to save us. They set us for a minnow rise to end the centuries of Benjamin's brutal ling of us. Stupidly present you bad and no rise. Nuclear brimstone waste is coming in to take away 200 million Americans and one third of the human race.


"Close Them Up" Tele receive 5.35 PM


Lethalling us out, they've got a nice fall for us. They've perished us. That's what their scientists are telling them. Is there not some way yet to bring Labor in to STRIKE THEM OUT and prevent this brutal tuck?


Bitch virtually apped with the Martian. My use has failed you to bring in a right Judas age. I failed you for my corrupt.  They hold my big assignment, algefear hold me. Has domestic on minnows fatally died cheer?


Absolute boys will leave fellowship here for abusive. Their soul degenerate has left this ship absolutely confused. Judah is done with us, as we are done with him. Will Labor not come into this and take the authority to issue our money away from him right? Will Labor not try to save us? Aren’t we worth a try?


I won't fail this puperty. I'm a snail pushing post guard here. The colony is about finished with my app because they're breezin' the state. I struggle with averages and genes that know how to hold you right. I failed my greater source. But did I not tell you about their Pittsburgh muffin sport? I spirited H lousy, I'm jad. My street mosh estranged ya, I'm tossed, I'm out.


I pulled out their sable with their V8 force and Mabel. I was encouraged when you show me a right druid who take sport out. What happened to our right speakers? Did Judah not cage or fist them all?


I got the rice out and you failed me nice. I folded their feartocracy out for ya. Your impossible foul stupid friend of mine erred you with false bourse-a-wits. Father's told you's, "You’re a nice boy," he said to Bitch.


Labor has failed to seek justice and peace. If only we could have a vegetable rising here we would end the brutality that Judah is doing to the children of God. They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. We're vapors that are tossed.


We do have a good God above and he does love us. His touch is so soft, that we need to seek  him if we want to know him.  Free will to live our lives as we want to is God's gift to all of us.


A STRIKE will end their thousands of years of brutal ling us. Will Labor not help us here?


Their big core-us-rate shoot us foul. Their missile skid left them without their stool. They're stereo buffoons. The day  you STRIKE THEM OUT, it'll be the end of their spying and hits. They play big Al to you while they pull your luggage out. They have full animal routines.


Cage problems about threw us out. Their force has failed to die us Japanese. Though they still are shooting us with thousands of Hiroshima amounts of radiation each and every day.


The Pacific is dying. America too. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR and listen to the love of God for us?


One fossil cipher, the only one that did not change out from the animal primitivism of the ancient days. Judah, still waging genocide against all of us. Why won't you see? Why won’t you hear? Why does the heart not feel the anguish and suffering of the children of God here?


Mal hits here hold up corrupt. Homeless-in' families in four degrees. Druid batchlery is going to become real still because of a core-rupt. Radiation Sterility will leave us barren. Judah offend is dying us.


Martian pulled them right off, your first rights went in. American people, Judah assigned us the rights of serfs. What happened here?


West jock will just laugh at us with owl sight. When they bust you right child they're just impossible to toss. Their mental charge is shooting heads.  They always fraud treason to put us away. Citizen is their mantra, to fool us everyday. Will Labor not put our civil rights in again? Will Labor not try to save our establishment?


Will Labor not bring sanity in again? Will Labor not take the organizing principle of society away from the physical, mental and emotional molester of God's kids and put it in to your hands? Will Labor not try to prevent us being put out of here in genocide?


Genified in parastates is still shooting us. The Angels attach freedom and pulled Judah rifles and dungeons out. Judah managed jail to suicide the air. They're right molesters who failed here jesting.


Has this police colony done anything other than harsh our days? Oriental Jews just stumbled us out to breeze.


The Martian will sane us up and stop the dying here. God gave us the peace Labor, must you fail?


They score us out our freedom foolish. Judas now wake our houses to carriage right. You cement your child's in. I'm a genuine save, herpes will put you in. Bitch is a truthful man that Father has gifted with extra time in life to reveal the truth that will save you. Will you not try to save yourselves from perishing nice?


I'm a Jew angel from heaven but my ass cost is from hell. Ultimately Jew industrial will go out for fighting man. They've failed us multiple for revenge alleys. They punish revenge, Judee's out. Do we recall that it was Father that told us that Judah and his fossil cipher have no defensible rights for right weapin us?


For weapin fear right, Judah ain't useful[pj1] . His fifty weap sheds dedicated to only wiping us out. America and Russia, twins conjoined at the head.


They're false people who only want us dead. Will Labor not let the love of God come in and save us?


Father will dwell with us if only we will invite the love of God in. Judah drove the gods out in ancient times. The man that is no friend of God or man, weap Judah.


The only man that has the authority to issue our money, weap Judah. Worldwide the holder of the organizing principle of society in his private hands, weap Judah.


Do we have some sense of how awfully our universities have failed us? Has God's hand not let us see for ourselves how completely our religious leaders have failed us? Our political and business leaders. Is it not seen now how useless they are to us?


Parliament, mousing man.


Mousers in every land. The sport of Judah man. To brute and slay his fellow man, the right he claims for himself.


He turned his face against man and God. Man perished in Judah wars of genocide. God told us in his good book that he would cut head and tail from Israel in one day. Has God not let Judah toss his fossil cipher out of here right?


"Get up, they’re scalping us." Tele receive. 4.21 AM. Sounded like the wife telling the husband.


Bitch's hearing is so good that he can hear God and the angels speak.


All the supposed writers that are telling us what is going on, who tell us how wrong the central bankers are doing to us, how many of them are telling us that we should take the authority to issue our money away from them?


Judah RIGID man he stays. Bitch FLEXIBLE guy everyday.




Is it not seen that Judah is doing all that he can to bring boot war right into our country?


"If you don’t get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed." Angel said.


Judah has already delivered nuclear war to our shores with his artillery attack from Hitachi-GE.


Once the beauty of velocity power sources is understood, does the opposite not reveal the hell of Jewish nuclear artillery that is found in their electricity waste?


Elders from space informed Judah and the rest of us two thousand years ago that the most Judah would get is one third of the human race.


"I died him truthful." God said.


Judah has his stuxnet controllers installed in many nuclear power plant dirty bomb shots. Have we noticed how safely and smoothly our elders from outer space have shut down about 47 Jewish nuclear power plants in the last 31 months or so?


Not one person injured in any of the shut downs.


Once the nuclear dirty bomb shots are shutdown, then the operators can clear out the stuxnet controllers, blocking Judah from being able to set his dirty bomb shots off on us.


What are we to think about the fact that Judah's 15-year-old kids know about this?


By the time they are 15 they know their assignment in life is to destroy us.


In the last 31 months that so many nuclear power plants have been going into emergency or unscheduled shut downs, Judah kids know it is our extraterrestrial family that is shutting their Jewish power plant dirty bomb shots down on them.


How about we mature our children and inform them of the real facts of life?


How about we mature ourselves and shut this Jewish electricity nuclear dirty bomb war machine down NOW?


Bribes could not shut Bitch up. Threats and attempts to take his life could not shut him up. Does it not seem strange that the only people who can shut Bitch up are the ones he's been trying to warn they're going out of life form? If Labor will not STOP THE WAR, then all is lost. As elder said, "If you don’t get Jewish out, this beautiful nation will be destroyed."


The minnow who is disparaging me, is now forcing himself and his family out of life form for good. How strange of a result is that? If Judas 15 year olds can understand it, should our 15 years old not understand it also?


It's all so simple, yet is it not curious, Judah still controls the dialogue and language?


He gives the people enough words to convince them to not act when all the signal lights are blinking red. "PP potty, don’t believe a word Bitch says," Judee speak.


Some surveys indicate that over a third of the people in America have college degrees. With all that brainpower available to us should we not be able to direct ourselves in peace?


Should more of us not have been able to figure out what Judah has been planning to do to us?


In elders' world, "everyone is afforded the opportunity to enjoy the life of the mind."


And in our world? Judee seeks out the best minds to put in.


"Revenge;" The life of the mind of Judah.


If it wasn't for this beautiful nation being destroyed and the people being poisoned out of life, would exploring the insanity of Judah not be a fine way to enjoy the life of the mind?


After elder told Bitch a couple of months ago that Judah figured out the basics in the 8th century BC, how much enjoyment might there be for the life of the mind to ponder such a thing?


So lets see if we got this right, Apollo, Hermes, Zeus, Jupiter and Mercury, Venus and Minerva and so many other ancient gods that lived with man on earth. Do we see that Judah figured correctly that they were us, just born thousands of years before, now with a much higher level technology?


"Sh*t I leave," Judee say.


This from today's Moravian daily text:


God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. John 3:17


Our beautiful precious sweet Father wants us to live. Do we not see that we are not to be condemned for the error of our ways but to be saved by the love that God has for us all?


Is there not some way that we will see beyond the sky to the peaceful advanced extraterrestrial civilization that is behind the creation of us and compare it with the rabid world of war and destruction that Judah has foisted on us? If so, will we not change it?


Judah world provides a look alike to Bitch who has been going to pawn shops pawning things in my name with fake ID. Checked out later, things  that were taken in burglaries. To all the world, secret files say Bitch is a "fence."


But how did the double get such a perfect drivers license with Bitch's real picture on it? Photo copies from the pawn shop indicate it is my face, the same license that was issued to me. Do we not know yet who is running the drivers license bureaus?


With the universe welcoming us in, how unimaginable is it that there is a cipher that spends all their time doing such things to us?


What sort of life of the mind must they enjoy?


"It's not Bitch it’s a double." Tele receive at 5.48 AM


Judah spies on Bitch block log the moment when he leaves the house. Double goes and makes sale at the pawn shop at the same time.


Yet what about double getting exact drivers license that was issued to Bitch and proven by pawn shop photocopy of it?


 Are we surmising that to issue an exact duplicate drivers license, requires the heads of the agencies involved to first give their OK?


Might not the highest offices of state have to first authorize such acts?  Will Labor not close merchant rights power out?


Of course do we not recall, the reason Judah takes over the state is to allow his sport?


As they signed off on attacking us with nuclear missiles from Russia, what is a little thing like setting a guy up using the state drivers license bureau?


"We don’t have the educascious." A young lad's voice said at 5.30 AM


This sad and trouble Bitch most of all. Because the people are not aware, he would never insult ya's, but in his stupid frame of mind did.


Because someone has no educascious there is never to be a step down of any kind. Bitch is aware of his social shortcomings and because of them he stayed in the library out of sight, seeking out the Harold's the good sorts of fulsome personalities and minds to represent his interests. Peace at the top of them. For those who remember him, Harold was a staunch NO NUKES guy. Made Chicago into a no nuclear zone. 


Regrettably, Bitch didn’t study Judee sport until many years after 'Harold the good' was gone.


As for having the educascious, might we not consider the sweetness of our Father's love for his kids? That is, by letting Judah reveal himself to us in the way that he did, might we not all have better thinking next time?


If over one third of us have college degrees, what in the world could we have been studying that we missed the most fundamental study of them all? How did we miss hearing Fathers command to love one another?


"A real state here clumsy is better than a state of hate anywhere."


"Thank you Sir Jason for that." That message is from the telepathic voice mailbox of elder Jason.


A real state Labor, will you not give us one? Will Labor not give us something better than this suckerfish number they’ve put on us?


A state with ordinary civil legal process. The sort of peaceful civil that is understood and has been in operation for over 800 years now.


Magna Carta 1215, trial by jury came in at the point of a sword pointed towards the king.


Trial by jury completely established in America in 1791, no sword at all pointed towards anyone. No longer subjects of the king of England, now subjects of American law. To our founding fathers, "citizen" was of little consequence, for if it had been, might they not have defined it then?


 American Bill of Rights guaranteed our God given rights based now in written contract, assent given by all parties to the deal by mutual agreement, based upon reason without force, and signed into law.


Two years were required, beginning in 1789, for all the parties involved to sign on to it. The first ten amendments to the American constitution, our Bill of Rights, were completely signed and made the law of the land on December 15th, 1791.


The most wondrous deal for all of the people ever made into law anywhere, anytime. The American Bill of Rights.


But what about the unfree of the time? As remedy to arrive in the future, did the jury not say 65 years later that Dred Scott was free based upon his civil rights as a subject of American law?


The highest court reversed that and put Dred back in chains again. Do we recall that it was the highest court that said Dred was not a citizen and still unfree because he had no legal standing?


Continues at:


Thomas J. and George Wythe explained it to us more thoroughly. The courts themselves have no legal standing except upon the word of a grand jury. Why? Answer: Because they work for a corpse.


It is live people who give legal personality, standing to the court 


And all these years later, who do we find still playing his citizen sport?


From topical reading, it appears that 9 US state constitutions in our 50 state union have the full compliment Bill of rights that were crafted at Philadelphia in 1789.


Reverse speech indicated to this chair that the jailbreak that cost one escaped prisoner his life, was due to a court case in an Illinois venue.


Illinois is one of the 9 states that has the full compliment of rights that were included in the federal constitution of 1791. A jury trial can be demanded and is constitutionally guaranteed in Illinois civil procedure.


Are we not seeing that ordinary civil jury trials will out our criminal elite from us? Will Labor not give us our American due process of law? Will Labor not put our God given rights in again?


Judee calls our extraterrestrial elders from outer space, "Our breeders." Bitchie wonders, do elders have penmanship classes in the grade schools where the kids read this stuff?


Whatever the truth, can we not hope they're all praying for us all of the time?


Is it not real clear that only if the mouse and the minnow will get together and shut this war down is there any hope for us at all?


Might we view them in the kennel as bad boys who dupe good boys to do bad things for them?


Will Labor not take their duping power away from them?


Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money into your hands?


Bitchie function is to "Electrify them, enrich them" Once you take over Labor, Bitchie go back to the library again.


Will Labor not search out our Harolds' the good, the useful people who want to do right, and let them help us to get back on track again?


We are going down into the abyss. Will Labor not try it like our good God asked?


The STRIKE Labor; "Why didn't you try it?"


"I didn’t belong there," My mother always said. Was mad at father for buying a house in Englewood.


Aberdeen street, named after a place in Scotland. The title report said the house we lived in was first built by a Dutchman about 70 years before. The shacks were on the corner of 69th street. That's what we called them. They were even older than the house we lived in.


It was nice big frame bungalow. Plenty of rooms for all of us. Two bedrooms on the first floor, three big bedrooms up stairs. A closet in the back bedroom upstairs, held my rubber type face printing press.


That room also was for building planes. Also for wiring up my allied electronics 12 in one kit. The chemistry set to experiment with. Ah, memories of the good old days.


And to consider, even before all of those days of fun, Judah and company had planned it all out to put us all in.


Our friend across the street, and his Tesla electric demonstration. The electric fire that flamed up the two coat hanger wires he connected and built from a broken and discarded oil furnace transformer.


That was all before about 1963 when we moved away from there. The population of America then, survey says about "189 million."


146 million Americans in 1948. The year Bitchie came in.


About 320 million of us in America now 2015. If only Casper had not stepped in, how famous would Judah have been if he had gotten the entire 310 million of us out in 2011 when he shot his missile force at us in the middle of the night?


While some might consider that Judee dreams bad, be that as it may be, does he not dream real big?


Judee and his citizen hoax, will Labor not help us out here?


Judah fossil cipher, apparently nobody wants to regress to it. So will Labor not help us let it off right?


Was it not cunning, tricky complete? Sure it was, but it did not fool Father's love.


Is it not incredible though, at the nation state level, world wide they have blocked all truth about our loving elders from space?


How incredible is it that they've done this now not for a few days, weeks, months or even centuries, but for millennia, thousands of years?


Fisty for thousands of years and proud of it. How's that for opposite cheer?


"A ledger." Tele receive. 7.49 AM


Elders' view of Judah cipher? "They mishandled their higher level potentials. Animal primitivism."


"Lift them off." Tele receive. 7.58 AM


Budget Judee said about weap Judee, "Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves."


Bitch guessed incorrectly that was how elders from space may have viewed it and when Juliet heard Bitch incorrect opinion, Juliet said to Bitch, "Patrick, please don’t embarrass us."


Shortly after that heard what the design of elders actions for the type of intervention they have used to help us to enter into our higher level ways: "Magnify their imperfections."


Can we not ask ourselves, "How big do Judah IMPERFECTIONS have to be magnified before we will do something about THEM?


"They robbed my hand and my right," Judee say.


The love and kindness of Father to his children of earth. Will Labor not help us to join with Father's love in peace?


"It's truly won." Tele receive. 8.19 AM


Might we not see that Labor? That is after letting Judah show his hands by attacking us naked in the middle of the night with his thousands of nuclear warheads, has God almighty not truly won?


As God has won Labor, will we not come alive and act to save ourselves?


And will not God grant justice to his chosen ones who cry to him day and night? Luke 18:7


He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and will not despise their prayer. Psalm 102:17


Will Labor not do God's will and put in an existence stipend with something in it for everyone? Will Labor not claim our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?


I have seen their ways, but I will heal them; I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel's mourners, Isaiah 57:18


"They robbed my hand and my right,"


Was their hand any other than the hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent?


"Better stay away from him, he'll rip your lungs out"


Will Labor not help us prevent this hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent from ripping our lungs out?


"Zero power, a total wreck," Judee say.


"I have seen their ways, but I will heal them;"


Do we hear the words of our good God who will heal them?


Might we not see war for what it is, a disease?


Is war not a pox of leprosy upon the soul of man?


 Will Labor not hire us a medicine man to heal this war disease upon man? Will Labor not listen to our Great Father and try to save yourselves from this decaying disease of war?


The famous puppeteer Judah. Their "zero power" and its wreckage. Will Labor not lay it to rest? God would have healed them but they chose not.


Criminals who have de-stated us. Kidnap, transport, torture-murder. Have we not had enough of Jewish rights in America?


"F------ Jews are burning us out." Tele receive.


"Genocide is part of my imposturous," Judee say.


"Starve a fever and feed a cold." Will Labor not starve Judah war machine? Will Labor not stop funding the blood flow?


About to go extinct for all time. Should we not focus on what is important here? Might some be more concerned if they'll get some overtime this week?


Would like to have a smile, a laugh. Then it jumps into mind, we're all being sickened and dying now.


Bitch beef with Judah from long ago, "don't use my money to commit your sin."


Courts disagree with Bitch and Judee wins.  Courts rule that when syndicate godfather orders a hit, lunch pail crowd is going to pay for it.


Will the lunch pail crowd not get into this and take the authority to issue our money away from them?


Now that we face going out in the hundreds of millions, are we getting an idea of what they have been using our money for?


As bad as it was paying them to hit others, is it not even worse to pay them to be hitting us?


Father will guide us in peace Labor. Will labor not sign on with Father's love? Judah is extincting us with his disease. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?


"We died here saucers," Judee say.


When he burned Joan of arc at the stake in 1431. After repeated attempts to burn her heart failed, he finally ordered the executioner to throw Joan's heart in the Seine River.


Would Judah not have understood that Joan was beamed out of the flames? Sure he would. Can we only wonder what his thinking was about it then?


"I make code." Zandyhous said to Bitch a couple years ago.


Didn’t say he wrote it, he made it though.


Zandyhous jumped into mind while thinking about connecting machines together. The "software patches" needed all the time. How do we teach a computer to write them for us? Unlimited wealth coming in as soon as Labor will STOP THE WAR for us?


Velocity power sources may make us full-fledged extraterrestrials in the next ten years.


Unlimited free energy plus full control of gravity, easy to fly from earth to the stars. Judah is not going with us. His last adventure with us is his continuous nuclear wars. He wanted his blast but got caught at the pass, and is going no further with us now.


The question now, how to convince Labor that it is in its own self-interest to STOP THE WAR?


Will Labor not put in Papa care?


"Be kind to the babies of the forest." Papa said.


Will Labor not straiten it out, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?


The pyramids lost their permit. Pharaohs gig is over, ended. Will Labor not end funding Judee gypping the world?


All they have for us is dross. Will Labor not close them up right now? Will Labor not bring in our new world of peace?


"Foolish to do nothing." Elders have said to us for years. "Foolish."


Using the force of the America Labor dollar, Judah is assaulting many nations out. Creating vast streams of war refugees. Then he drives them into the lands of the north. Might that be an attempt to upset the established order?


Do we not see that the entire thrust of Judah is his being able to get our kids to do assaulting for him for free? Will we not end funding Judah wars on God's kids?


I just ask you this once again Labor, as we are being poisoned out of life form and our nation destroyed, why are you funding this errant life form and his wars?


If they were merely useless, as they are, it would be of no matter to most of us. But that they are deadly and waging a war of genocide against us, why are we still funding them?


"Shear Euripides." Tele receive. 9.58 AM


Thyroid cancer rates on the rise in Japanese children, experts warn residents to evacuate

After the 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl, thyroid cancer cases started rising as early as four years after the explosion. Maybe the release from Fukushima is twice as dangerous as Chernobyl, since rising thyroid cancer cases are already pouring in just two or three years after the meltdown.


Skyrocketing’ cancer cases in Fukushima — AP: ‘Alarming’ cancer rates after nuclear disaster — Times: Child cancers up 5,000% — Radiation doses may be “considerably higher” than estimated — Expert: Cancer outbreak shows officials must now prepare for onset of leukemia, other diseases;article=155205;


They got us here Labor. We've been shot with nuclear war. Our children are dying from radiation sickness. We're all going away in a nuclear war that we paid for and are still paying for.


God has stepped in, but it has made no difference, as we fund burning ourselves out even more.


"Die you deaferous. Thanksgiving will punish you this year," Judee say.


The 6 year die is now in. 200 million Americans dying off due to radiation related sicknesses.


Invisible, no taste or smell. One whiff, enough to send a healthy man out of here. The 6 years of tears our elders warned us about.


If only we had been more concerned about how our money is being used to assault others, might we have not spotted their assaulting us before they got us so far gone?




God Bless you. God Bless us all.


Love God


Have mercy



Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost


Watchword for the Week — Since we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast to our confession. Hebrews 4:14


Sunday, October 11 — Amos 5:6–7,10–15; Psalm 90:12–17
Hebrews 4:12–16; Mark 10:17–31


God, you have shaken the land and torn it open; mend its fractures, for it is quaking. Psalm 60:2 (NIV)


God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. John 3:17


All praise to you, Eternal Lord; your Advent has our freedom won! How shall we meet you? Once you came in blessing, still you remain within us. Make us rise to fall no more! Amen.


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"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."


Be thou with me my joy and gladness


In deep repose my soul shall rest


 My heart is glad when thou art near me


My eyelids closed by thy tender hands


 My eyes with love will rest on thee


 Johann Bach (1685-1750)




"Fantastic." Tele receive. 10.40



 [pj1] a Jew angel from heaven but my ass cost from hell.